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 belonging [bi'lɔŋiŋ]   添加此单词到默认生词本
[法] 附属物

  1. The hammer belongs (in the shed) with the rest of the tools.
  2. The cases and belongings of a traveler.
  3. Land belonging to the crown does not belong to the king personally but to the state.

[ noun ]
happiness felt in a secure relationship
with his classmates he felt a sense of belonging

Belong \Be*long"\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. {Belonged}; p. pr. & vb.
n. {Belonging}.] [OE. belongen (akin to D. belangen to
concern, G. belangen to attain to, to concern); pref. be- +
longen to desire. See {Long}, v. i.]

Note: [Usually construed with to.]
1. To be the property of; as, Jamaica belongs to Great

2. To be a part of, or connected with; to be appendant or
related; to owe allegiance or service.

A desert place belonging to . . . Bethsaids. --Luke
ix. 10.

The mighty men which belonged to David. --1 Kings i.

3. To be the concern or proper business or function of; to
appertain to. ``Do not interpretations belong to God ?''
--Gen. xl. 8.

4. To be suitable for; to be due to.

Strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age.
--Heb. v. 14.

No blame belongs to thee. --Shak.

5. To be native to, or an inhabitant of; esp. to have a legal
residence, settlement, or inhabitancy, whether by birth or
operation of law, so as to be entitled to maintenance by
the parish or town.

Bastards also are settled in the parishes to which
the mothers belong. --Blackstone.

Belonging \Be*long"ing\, n. [Commonly in the pl.]
1. That which belongs to one; that which pertains to one;
hence, goods or effects. ``Thyself and thy belongings.''

2. That which is connected with a principal or greater thing;
an appendage; an appurtenance.

3. Family; relations; household. [Colloq.]

Few persons of her ladyship's belongings stopped,
before they did her bidding, to ask her reasons.

  1. On Monday and Tuesday, rail services were badly disrupted by a ban on overtime by train drivers belonging to another union, the Associated Society of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen.
  2. The explosion occurred at 4:40 a.m. at the two-story house belonging to Manuel Fraga, a European Parliament deputy.
  3. Monday's trouble started in the morning after residents captured three men dressed in police uniforms and accused them of belonging to the Mandale.
  4. Four different anti-drug units, the most important one belonging to the judiciary, enforce stiff regulations of the criminal code and health statutes with prison penalties of up to 20 years for narcotraffic.
  5. Citing a vigorous economy, Moody's Investors Service Inc. upgraded $1.1 billion of debt and preferred stock belonging to Florida Power Corp., the main unit of Florida Progress Corp.
  6. A military source said the militiamen belonging to the Amal organization, headed by Justice Minister Nabih Berri, took up positions near the crossing and set up a traffic checkpoint.
  7. Bags belonging to U.S. passengers Charles McKee and Matthew Gannon, who flew into Frankfurt from Cyprus, were unlikely to have been switched either, Henderson said.
  8. The panel ordered seizure of all property belonging to the four, including gold, jewels and large sums of money, and stripped them of their civil rights.
  9. It is an irony that all the good work should today be put in jeopardy by an unspoken and inexplicable notion that belonging fully to Europe means that Britain will belong less to itself.
  10. They are among 30 people who have sued in a federal court, claiming the sect leaders who govern the towns' 5,000 inhabitants are illegally holding property belonging to church members.
  11. The issue will be decided later by the Women's International Professional Tennis Council, in which players have three votes, with the remaining six belonging to the International Tennis Federation, the sport's governing body, and tournament directors.
  12. Authorities said they have seized more than 19 tons of cocaine belonging to the cartel in the last 10 days, with a street value of $1.35 billion.
  13. It said Arab public figures from northern Israel and Israeli-Arab businessmen belonging to the Islamic Opposition Movement have pumped millions of dollars into the uprising by laundering money through legitimate businesses.
  14. There were no casualties among the militiamen belonging to the South Lebanon Army, an Israeli-trained 2,500-member militia, the military command said.
  15. He pledged to free most prisoners jailed for belonging to these groups, declared a moratorium on executions, and lifted most of the restrictions imposed during a 43-month-old state of emergency.
  16. In Sterling Heights, Mich., Secret Service agents questioned two eighth-graders said to have admitted belonging to the hacking network.
  17. The five-inch pollack, a food fish belonging to the cod family, bit on a lure that was almost its size.
  18. In interviews and school essays, the youngsters told of a warm sense of belonging to a community not unlike the rural villages from which their parents migrated in search of a better life.
  19. A chartered cargo flight of Royal Nepal Airlines brought 168 boxes of goods belonging to the Gurkhas who are serving in the British army and based in Hong Kong.
  20. The umbrella group claims at least 250,000 members belonging to 70 church chapters that practice the peyote ritual in 23 Western states.
  21. Customs authorities on Tuesday challenged a court ruling preventing them from handing over to U.S. drug enforcement agencies documents belonging to Panama's de facto ruler, Gen. Manuel Antonio Noriega.
  22. They said police found a hearing aid, a pipe and a shoe belonging to him in his garage.
  23. Arias said people in the neighborhoods had opened fire on law enforcement officers earlier in the week, wounding two police. Several vehicles heading for the canal area also were fired upon, including some belonging to canal employees.
  24. But business parks in general have been slow to develop reliable roots in the county compared with other areas of Britain. Of the 500 properties in the duchy belonging to English Estates a large number were put up in the 1980s.
  25. Similar problems were earlier reported in another Delta-operated 757, one belonging to Royal Brunei Airlines, two owned by Air Holland and one operated by the British airline Air 2000.
  26. Most feel a strong sense of place here, but little sense of belonging.
  27. He said two foreign reporters who reported seeing a burning car belonging to a movement official had lied.
  28. In the West Bank town of Jericho, attackers firebombed and burned a restaurant belonging to a Palestinian suspected of being a pro-Israeli collaborator, the national news agency Itim said.
  29. But the next morning, a 1.6-inch hole was discovered below the front fender of a car belonging to free-lance photographer Philip Littleton, who was out of town.
  30. The group has also taken responsibility for eight arson attacks since February on apartments or cars belonging to left-wing Israelis.
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