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 below [bi'ləu]   添加此单词到默认生词本
prep. 在下面

ad. 在下面

  1. His income is well below the average.
  2. We looked down from the mountain to the valley below.
  3. The information below was compiled by our correspondent.

[ adv ]
  1. in or to a place that is lower

  2. <adv.all>
  3. at a later place

  4. <adv.all>
    see below
  5. (in writing) see below

  6. <adv.all>
    vide infra
  7. on a floor below

  8. <adv.all>
    the tenants live downstairs
  9. further down

  10. <adv.all>
    see under for further discussion

Below \Be*low"\, prep. [Pref. be- by + low.]
1. Under, or lower in place; beneath not so high; as, below
the moon; below the knee. --Shak.

2. Inferior to in rank, excellence, dignity, value, amount,
price, etc.; lower in quality. ``One degree below kings.''

3. Unworthy of; unbefitting; beneath.

They beheld, with a just loathing and disdain, . . .
how below all history the persons and their actions
were. --Milton.

Who thinks no fact below his regard. --Hallam.

Syn: Underneath; under; beneath.

Below \Be*low"\, adv.
1. In a lower place, with respect to any object; in a lower
room; beneath.

Lord Marmion waits below. --Sir W.

2. On the earth, as opposed to the heavens.

The fairest child of Jove below. --Prior.

3. In hell, or the regions of the dead.

What business brought him to the realms below.

4. In court or tribunal of inferior jurisdiction; as, at the
trial below. --Wheaton.

5. In some part or page following.

  1. The shares stand near the low for the year of 162.5 pence, and well below the year's high of 234 pence.
  2. But the unexpected savings from the drought may now reduce the deficit below $146 billion.
  3. However, the gains are so slight that average yields for most maturities are still below the levels of two weeks ago.
  4. Meanwhile, as Barnett awaited the SEC's green-light on the offering, its shares slid several points to below what it considered an acceptable offering price.
  5. The chip accord, signed last summer, forbids Japanese chip makers from selling dynamic random-access-memory chips, or D-rams, below certain fair-market values calculated by the Commerce Department.
  6. Cut off 6-8 oz and set aside for making the next starter (see below).
  7. Some blue chip stocks also rose in up-and-down trading that saw the Dow Jones industrials average fluctuate during the session before settling below a record high set Friday.
  8. I've always found that even though there usually is some sort of a base point below which you presumably don't get any bonus, that invariably some type of an extenuating circumstances will be presented.
  9. That's far below the 40-plus hours required at less advanced GM plants.
  10. ITT Hartford's profit rose 7% to $291 million from $271 million. ITT Financial's operating profit, however, was substantially below the prior year's.
  11. But it expected considerably more public funds would be needed since many women who need better prenatal care live near or below the poverty line.
  12. The 1- by 3-inch video camera is guided down clear plastic tubes inserted in the bean rows and used to record root growth from a few inches to more than 3 feet below the surface.
  13. Yet, private economists looking below the surface and into the fhing might be awry.
  14. The temporary cancellation of licenses for use of above-ground strychnine halts that product's use, but allows the pesticide to be used below ground.
  15. After five years of community education, Farquhar said, the average plasma cholesterol level among residents in Salinas and Monterey was 2 percent below that of people in Modesto and San Luis Obispo, which were used for comparison.
  16. The new ceiling is 1 million barrels per day higher than the current level but below the estimated daily output in recent weeks of about 21 million barrels.
  17. For them, he suggests Arbaz (Valais), with its lakes and forests below Anzere.
  18. On the bridge, he rolled down his window and tried to toss Mr. Prozumenshikov's $16,000 Rolex watch into the river below.
  19. Earlier in the day, prices for North Sea Brent fell by 65 cents to 70 cents a barrel on European spot markets, with some cargoes trading below $13 a barrel.
  20. In fact, a lot of things are far from okay in the world of junk bonds, those corporate debt securities ranked below investment grade by credit rating services, such as Moody's.
  21. Richard Loewy, president of AgResource Co., Chicago, said some analysts and speculators had predicted that the early-August dry spell would trim yields sharply below the level actually estimated in the government's September report.
  22. Daily trading volume, which last month was valued at an average of $1.6 billion, plunged below $15 million on most sessions.
  23. B.A.T shares were trading below 600 pence as recently as four months ago.
  24. That gain probably translated into about 5% to 7% in dollar terms, well below recent quarters' gains of above 20%, reckons Jay Stevens of Dean Witter Reynolds.
  25. Analysts say GE shares lag 36% below last year's high partly because portfolio managers find it too complex.
  26. The cut in the October 1988-September 1989 quota was triggered automatically by a fall in the average coffee price below $1.15 a pound.
  27. The army reported six wounded, including a youth it said was shot just as he was about to hurl a brick from a rooftop on a soldier below.
  28. This shows a price below which it is not economic to continue production.
  29. French president Francois Mitterrand and Helmut Kohl, the German chancellor (pictured below), are expected to discuss Gatt, the next European summit and the outlook for the EU after Maastricht.
  30. The Agriculture Department on Thursday estimated Soviet grain production this year at 200 million metric tons, 10 million below earlier forecasts, and said there would be a resulting rise in imports.
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