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 Raphael ['reifl, 'ræfeil]   添加此单词到默认生词本
拉斐尔(①姓氏 ②Santi [Sanzio], 1483-1520, 意大利画家、建筑学家)

    [ noun ]
    1. Italian painter whose many paintings exemplify the ideals of the High Renaissance (1483-1520)

    2. <noun.person>
    3. an archangel of the Hebrew tradition

    4. <noun.person>

    1. He was asked about a report in Glasgow's Sunday Post newspaper quoting former Israeli intelligence official Raphael Eitan as saying he was sure the May 15 Palestinian group was responsible.
    2. It was the 12th take of a scene that depends largely on innuendo and the unspoken, and Raphael and his actors are determined to get it right.
    3. Not surprisingly, Brother Raphael Willeke continues to oversee the making of altar wines, of which Christian Brothers sells about 80,000 cases a year.
    4. Armenia's independence proposal calls for specific steps toward achieving separation from the Soviet Union, according to legislator Raphael Popoyan.
    5. Hand over her heart, she laughed and sang softly, accompanied by Arnold, the audience and host Sally Jessy Raphael, whose New York-based syndicated program traveled to Universal Studios to interview the couple.
    6. Two part-time actors said Tuesday they posed as people with sexual problems to get on national television, putting one over on Oprah Winfrey, Sally Jessy Raphael and Gerald Rivera.
    7. But this week the parliamentary committee was stopped in its tracks by a message from Agriculture Minister Raphael Eitan, who insisted on discussing compensation.
    8. St. Raphael's has stopped using 160 to 200 of the approximately 250 generic drugs it stocks, according to Robert Jacovino, the hospital's pharmacy director.
    9. But because there is still significant corporate and speculative demand for dollars, the market "has yet to get sufficiently long" to engineer a significant downward correction in the dollar, Mr. Raphael said.
    10. But fewer will argue with the claim that a settlement with the loss-makers is a necessary pre-condition for future recovery. At the end, though, Raphael hedges his bets.
    11. Don't lift that manhole cover! You won't find Raphael or Donatello or any of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles down there.
    12. Today, I could barely talk to him, he was so busy with the autographs." Television talk-show host Sally Jessy Raphael is leaving Connecticut for the Big Apple so her show can draw more big-name guests, according to her producers.
    13. Mr. Raphael will cede the post for "personal reasons" but remain chairman, the company said.
    14. "Let us remember that through death and death situations, we enter into new life," the Rev. Vincent McMurray of Saint Raphael's Catholic Church said Sunday.
    15. They had probably read the sneering press accounts and concluded that they themselves were more important and beautiful than the Raphael or the Zurbarans or even the El Greco.
    16. Leonard S. Raphael, CPA Oakland Atmosfear Our space-age offices of the future Will be stretching cross-country, no doubt, So workers might soon dread getting A long-distance teleconference bawling out.
    17. Ms. Freiwald said she appeared with Bailey and played the role of his sex surrogate on "Geraldo," and appeared on a "Sally Jessy Raphael Show" taped in April.
    18. Bush also visited a nursing home in Columbus, St. Raphael's Home for the Aged, on what was once the estate of his industrialist grandfather, the late Samuel Bush.
    19. "It's really been quite orderly." Keith Raphael, second vice president for foreign exchange at Chase Manhattan in New York, said the day's early rally was on weak momentum, adding that the dollar could be supported around 1.7000 marks.
    20. Here, among the nude studies, may well be Raphael's mistress, if the story is true that the only way he could be kept on the job was if his mistress stayed.
    21. Dean C. Dauw, a Chicago clinical psychologist, licensed sex therapist and author, defended himself during an appearance via satellite Thursday on "The Sally Jessy Raphael Show," which is taped here.
    22. The Feminist Majority is not a membership organization but currently has more than 50,000 contributors and more than 100,000 active supporters, according to press secretary Tamar Raphael.
    23. Raphael Soifer, a Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. analyst, says, "The money-center banks are in no way over with their Latin American loan problems."
    24. One of the highlights of the exhibition is Raphael's "Nude Woman Kneeling," a red chalk drawing dated 1518 which the Scottish gallery bought recently from a private English collection.
    25. Chad Lowe, Billy Morrissette and Peter Dobson also star as three young drifters recruited as skinheads by Raphael Sbarge.
    26. Earlier this week, she told interviewer Sally Jessy Raphael she had felt "snubbed." "It really hurt my feelings," she said, adding she felt the "same thing" would happen this year.
    27. One of them, Raphael Greenberg, a white-haired New York doctor who joined the Soviet troops after fleeing his native Poland, has returned for the first time in 45 years.
    28. NOVEMBER 1983 _ Seven Italian Renaissance masterpieces, including works by Raphael and Tintoretto, are stolen from the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest, Hungary.
    29. In the talk show field, "The Joan Rivers Show" and "The Oprah Winfrey" show each got four nominations, followed by three for Phil Donahue's "Donahue" and two for "Sally Jessy Raphael."
    30. The newspapers said the picture would have to be cropped to show only the woman's head, said Tamar Raphael, a spokeswoman for the group.
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