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 loosening   添加此单词到默认生词本

  1. The government's control over the newspapers has loosened in recent years.
  2. This knot keeps loosening.

[ noun ]
  1. an occurrence of control or strength weakening

  2. <noun.event>
    the relaxation of requirements
    the loosening of his grip
    the slackening of the wind
  3. the act of making something less tight

  4. <noun.act>

Loosen \Loos"en\ (l[=oo]s"'n), v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Loosened}
(l[=oo]s"'nd); p. pr. & vb. n. {Loosening}.] [See {Loose}, v.
1. To make loose; to free from tightness, tension, firmness,
or fixedness; to make less dense or compact; as, to loosen
a string, or a knot; to loosen a rock in the earth.

After a year's rooting, then shaking doth the tree
good by loosening of the earth. --Bacon.

2. To free from restraint; to set at liberty..

It loosens his hands, and assists his understanding.

3. To remove costiveness from; to facilitate or increase the
alvine discharges of. --Bacon.

  1. "We've heard talk of loosening things up," he said, "but we are awaiting action." Others at the meeting at the Soviet Embassy were Reps.
  2. Belov lauded the loosening of borders in the Eastern bloc.
  3. Besides Romania's longstanding suppression of free speech, assembly, political opposition and other rights, senators and congressmen said, there had been little movement on U.S. demands for a loosening of control over religious minorities.
  4. Then, when signs of sluggishness began to emerge, the Fed in June began loosening credit, allowing rates to fall by about three-quarters of a percentage point.
  5. The newspapers, which aren't as tightly controlled as television, are showing signs of loosening up more quickly than television.
  6. Michael K. Evans, president of Evans Economics Inc. in Washington, said today's report means the Fed likely will wait at least a month before loosening credit further.
  7. The drastic loosening in monetary policy since September's ERM debacle should deliver a significant boost to demand and incomes.
  8. In an interview with party newspaper Neues Deutschland, Wolf said, "the recovery of trust is demanded before we can develop further," indicating Krenz may be open to loosening some constraints on the media and free expression.
  9. A 40-second earthquake struck Tadzhikistan on Jan. 23, loosening layers of mud that tumbled through mountain villages 20 miles southwest of the republic's capital, Dushanbe.
  10. Still, many economists and traders agree the Fed is loosening its credit hold in an effort to bolster the economy.
  11. In March 1985, a different kind of communist _ Mikhail S. Gorbachev, charismatic and tactically nimble _ took over the party. The rigid communist autocracy began loosening its grip.
  12. But he said his group opposes loosening the ban.
  13. Some industry observers said the effect of the plant's shutdown will be tempered by a recent loosening of the plastics markets.
  14. He said there are "16 to 18" other similar cases, and added, "I sense a loosening up."
  15. To help investment in the products, the SEC is loosening the rules governing mutual fund investments.
  16. Crews had spent two days loosening it from the roof.
  17. The loosening of the rules in the options game is not the only reason behind the trading of certain issues on multiple exchanges.
  18. Gray also said South Africa would have to free all political prisoners _ not just Mandela _ lift the ban on political groups opposed to apartheid and end all residential restrictions before Congress would consider loosening economic sanctions.
  19. "If the market gets back to 2,100-2,200 level and we get some loosening by the central banks, we can avoid the recession."
  20. Currency analysts said the loosening of communism in Eastern Europe also contributed to the dollar's fall by strengthening the German mark.
  21. The pressure of a soaring yen, which was temporarily reined in after intervention by the US Fed on Thursday, has forced the ruling Japanese coalition to contemplate further fiscal loosening.
  22. In a part of the world where governments control nearly everything to do with phones, she began loosening the reins.
  23. The Bush administration has complained that the Fed has been too timid in its credit loosening and has brought on an undue risk of a recession.
  24. His government is already committed to gradual tax cuts, of about 8% this year and 5% in each of the next two years, but as Mr. Chirac is finding to the discomfort of stranded commuters, loosening rigidities is a painful process.
  25. Given the effectiveness of Canadian policy tightening, Mr. Krohn says, "We can anticipate some loosening" of policy in the future.
  26. Some of the increase reflects a loosening of Mitsubishi's longtime ties to Chrysler.
  27. The United States is withholding action on loosening trade sanctions on the Soviet Union until the immigration law is passed.
  28. While no one doubts the reserve bank's desire to hold the line, the recent loosening of monetary policy at a time of 30 per cent inflation suggests that the best intentions could turn to ashes in the second half of the year.
  29. South Africans are loosening or terminating their U.S. business connections far faster than the legal environment warrants.
  30. And the Soviet government accused Washington of "imperial arrogance." In his remarks to a Chicago group, Reagan went out of his way to credit Gorbachev with loosening restrictions on religion, freedom of speech and emigration.
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