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 funded [fʌnd添加此单词到默认生词本
a. 成为有固定利息的长期借款的

[法] 提供资金的, 有固定利息的, 长期借款的

    [ adj ]
    furnished with funds
    well-funded research

    Fund \Fund\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Funded}; p. pr. & vb. n.
    1. To provide and appropriate a fund or permanent revenue for
    the payment of the interest of; to make permanent
    provision of resources (as by a pledge of revenue from
    customs) for discharging the interest of or principal of;
    as, to fund government notes.

    2. To place in a fund, as money.

    3. To put into the form of bonds or stocks bearing regular
    interest; as, to fund the floating debt.

    Funded \Fund"ed\, a.
    1. Existing in the form of bonds bearing regular interest;
    as, funded debt.

    2. Invested in public funds; as, funded money.

    1. In the case of HDTV, $10 million remains in the Senate bill, and an equal sum has been set aside for a related advanced technology program funded in a pending Commerce Department appropriations bill.
    2. This policy is funded to the maximum allowed by the Inland Revenue. In February this year, I took on a full-time job in addition to my self-employed work, and I joined my employer's superannuation scheme.
    3. This cash drain was funded by raising deposits.
    4. The Federal Highway Administration has an emergency relief program to help states and local governments repair federally funded highways and bridges seriously damaged by natural disasters.
    5. The cash payment and manufacturing costs will be funded from cash reserves.
    6. Currently, the losses are funded out of escrow accounts held for the creditors, which contain the proceeds of sales of Eastern assets.
    7. However, it only denied newspaper allegations that it had funded the neo-fascist Liberal Democratic party of Mr Vladimir Zhirinovsky - not mentioning the central bank's announcement that GMM had no licence to conduct its banking operations.
    8. While he may have lost County Hall and his plan for top-up fees, he has already chalked up a number of successes. One of these is the Centre for the Study of Global Governance, which is funded by the World Humanity Action Trust.
    9. Projects funded by investors in the United States jumped from 34 last year to 85 this year, Japan from 39 to 85, Singapore from 20 to 36, Canada from three to 13 and West Germany from three to 10.
    10. Take highway "demonstration" projects, ostensibly funded by Washington because they showcase new roadbuilding methods; in fact they usually demonstrate nothing more than a Congressman's ability to bring home some pork.
    11. Just how the Congress was formed, why it was valued and how it was funded are matters directly addressed and forthrightly discussed in Mr. Coleman's always interesting book.
    12. The sculpture is being funded with a $15,000 state grant.
    13. The project will be jointly funded.
    14. The trust will be funded with $615 million of insurance; $200 million of cash, receivables and a note; and 50% to 80% of Manville's common stock.
    15. The U.S., which has argued that Israel would be better off buying advanced American fighters, has funded most of the $1.5 billion cost of the seven-year project, the biggest industrial undertaking in Israel's history.
    16. Since nothing is happening at the moment, silence seems the best policy given the politics of homeless issues." In a letter to Bush administration HHS Secretary Louis Sullivan, the advocacy group said the program still has not been funded.
    17. "I had daydreamed about making a toilet," she says, "but I didn't know I'd spend so much time on it." The program is a project of the John Michael Kohler Arts Center and is partially funded by the National Endowment for the Arts.
    18. "Discrimination in federally funded institutions is occurring at accelerated rates," Rep. Don Edwards, D-Calif., said Tuesday as the House joined the Senate in overriding Reagan's veto of the Civil Rights Restoration Act.
    19. The property investments were funded by bank loans made on the strength of shares Mr Tjolle held in the Granada Group. The rise in interest rates and a drop in Granada's share price had made it impossible to repay the loans, Mr Tjolle said.
    20. Most graduate students are funded by their host universities.
    21. This means that property is usually funded with equity, rather than bank finance. As a result, there is little pressure on property owners to sell property during the trough of a cycle.
    22. On Capitol Hill, Bush's aid proposal will fall into place behind a pending $500 million request for emergency money for Panama, which has been bogged down in disputes about how the new aid will be funded and how it will be used.
    23. The study was the Multiple Risk Factor Intervention Trial, known as MR FIT, which was funded by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute of the National Institutes of Health.
    24. But whereas most Brussels science programs subsidize corporate and university research, Ispra is special in being the biggest of four laboratories owned, funded and managed entirely by the EC's corps of bureaucrats.
    25. These have helped to build the largest pool of funded pension schemes outside the UK. An estimated Dollars 270bn lies in public and private sector funds.
    26. In a prepared statement, MIT said it had been conducting an ongoing review of indirect costs that were charged to the government for federally funded research.
    27. The maker of glass, chemicals and coatings, which has nearly 120 million common shares outstanding, said the buy-back will be funded by proceeds from operations and the divestiture of businesses that aren't meeting its strategic objectives.
    28. The only suitable test for any project, whether it be publicly or privately funded, is not whether it employs people but whether it accomplishes anything that a significant number of people might find useful, and thus be willing to pay for.
    29. The Schaumburg, Ill., semiconductor concern said Cypress "lured" key Motorola managers and engineers into breaking away and forming an independent chip company funded by Cypress.
    30. As previously reported, the trustee account is funded from dividends derived from British Columbia Resources' holding of 3.3 million common shares of Westcoast Transmission Co., Vancouver.
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