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 fiance [fi'ɒnsei]   添加此单词到默认生词本
n. 未婚夫

  1. The fact that I don't like your fiance is neither here nor there what matters is what you feel.
  2. She's been eating her heart out ever since her fiance broke off their engagement last month.
  3. My fiance and I are planning to be married in Hawaii because our families live there.

[ noun ]
a man who is engaged to be married

Fiance \Fi"ance\, v. t. [F. fiancer. See {Affiance}.]
To betroth; to affiance. [Obs.] --Harmar.

  1. Jenson, who has since married her fiance, said she is proud of the state and angry that French is publicizing the case as a moral quandary.
  2. Sandra Schultz's worst nightmare came true last week when the man convicted of killing her 19-year-old son and his fiance walked out of jail.
  3. To dramatize her plight this past weekend, Kerstin Vockert launched balloons on the breeze to East Berlin carrying scraps of paper with a message of love drawn from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet to her fiance Peter Rozinat.
  4. Also failing to better the mark was Anne Liardet, who made the run with fiance Joseph Le Guen aboard the 50-foot trimaran Finisterre Bregtane.
  5. "I told my fiance if I have a choice between shaking his hand and taking a picture, forget the photo," Nyder said.
  6. Lawrencia Bembenek, 31, a former model and policewoman convicted of murdering her then-husband's ex-wife in 1981, is believed to have fled with her fiance after scaling a fence July 15 at a women's prison in east-central Wisconsin.
  7. With only a couple of nods to the passage of time (the daughter's fiance wants her to be a great architect and there's a joke about condoms), the new version adheres to the conventional approach of the original, but with a charm all its own.
  8. Now, although Ms. Gonzalez is spending some money on furniture for the home she hopes to buy with her fiance, she is being frugal.
  9. In supporting roles, bass Paul Plishka was a stalwart Daland, Senta's pragmatic father, and tenor Gary Lakes was suitably distraught as Erik, her jilted fiance.
  10. The Dallas woman was a week away from her expected delivery date, but she decided to accompany her fiance, Chase Crick, to the ranch just east of Parker.
  11. Peggy Fitzgibbon said she learned of her sister's arrest from Isabel Torres, a Houston woman whose fiance was a member of the church group and who has been in telephone contact with the group in El Salvador.
  12. Marisol Ureaneta hates being fussed over, but that didn't stop her fiance from rolling out a red carpet to welcome her back to the United States.
  13. The AP Actress Brigitte Nielsen has suffered a miscarriage while filming a movie in Rome, according to a spokesman for her fiance, New York Jets' defensive lineman Mark Gastineau.
  14. Three of his former girlfriends, including a former fiance, testified about hotel bills and lavish meals that Clark paid for using a state-issued credit card.
  15. A young Japanese woman, played by the lovely Minako Ohashi, immigrates to the U.S. after her fiance jilts her.
  16. Alas, her sister's fiance Sir John Melvill defects to her cause; and then Lord Ogleby also becomes her suitor; and confusions escalate. It takes time, but the play's comedy slowly rises - so much so that the funniest line of all occurs right at the end.
  17. Has a Honduran fiance in Las Trojes, 12 miles away, and a Nicaraguan "woman" in the Yamales camp. "I'm married for a little while," he laughs.
  18. She mentioned her idea to fiance Victor Pisano, who liked it. Together they founded Second Chance, which they hope will fund various charities on the island, and prepared for the auction.
  19. Carol, a 41-year-old professional, says she contracted the virus from her fiance in what had seemed an idyllic middle-aged love affair.
  20. Miss Ellenburg, who went back to her home in Geneva in southeast Alabama, said she hoped to return to her job as a bookkeeper, but her June wedding plans with fiance Scott Jordan probably would be delayed until September.
  21. "This is it, kiddo," one woman tells her fiance, giving him an affectionate tap on the arm.
  22. "We're both hopeless romantics," said Jacque Cooper, 22, who explained beforehand that she and fiance Richard Lane often met on the bridge to sip champagne and watch the sunset during their yearlong courtship.
  23. Parsons had said she intended to live in the house with her fiance, and French later decided that would be against his religion.
  24. Cooper said French had no evidence Parsons and her fiance would violate the law forbidding sex before marriage.
  25. Hoy and her fiance, Luo Jian Guang, 32, were taken into custody Aug. 7 when they arrived in San Francisco saying they feared reprisals for anti-government protests if they return to their homeland.
  26. The state's lawsuit sought damages from French for refusing to rent a house to Susan Parsons because she planned to live there with her fiance.
  27. Hasselhoff, a photographer and Blair's fiance, tries to make the best of it with dialogue about as snappy as a grapefruit commercial.
  28. The Polish dances were daintily trodden on the spot, and neither Julia Mkhalina as Maria nor Viktor Baranov as her fiance Vaslav, were anything but visitors to their roles.
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