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 compact [kәm'pækt]   添加此单词到默认生词本
a. 紧凑的, 紧密的, 简洁的

vt. 使紧密结合, 压缩

vi. 变坚实

[医] 致密的, 紧密的

[经] 契约, 合同

  1. He received a compact package.
  2. Firm or compact in substance.
  3. The Commonwealth agreed to make a compact with this country.

[ noun ]
  1. a small cosmetics case with a mirror; to be carried in a woman's purse

  2. <noun.artifact>
  3. a signed written agreement between two or more parties (nations) to perform some action

  4. <noun.communication>
  5. a small and economical car

  6. <noun.artifact>
[ verb ]
  1. have the property of being packable or of compacting easily

  2. <verb.contact> pack
    This powder compacts easily
    Such odd-shaped items do not pack well
  3. compress into a wad

  4. <verb.contact>
    bundle pack wad
    wad paper into the box
  5. make more compact by or as if by pressing

  6. <verb.contact>
    compress pack together
    compress the data
  7. squeeze or press together

  8. <verb.contact>
    compress constrict contract press squeeze
    she compressed her lips
    the spasm contracted the muscle
[ adj ]
  1. closely and firmly united or packed together

  2. <adj.all>
    compact soil
    compact clusters of flowers
  3. having a short and solid form or stature

  4. <adj.all>
    a wrestler of compact build
    he was tall and heavyset
    stocky legs
    a thickset young man
  5. briefly giving the gist of something

  6. <adj.all>
    a short and compendious book
    a compact style is brief and pithy
    succinct comparisons
    a summary formulation of a wide-ranging subject

Compact \Com*pact"\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Compacted}; p. pr. &
vb. n. {Compacting}.]
1. To thrust, drive, or press closely together; to join
firmly; to consolidate; to make close; -- as the parts
which compose a body.

Now the bright sun compacts the precious stone.

2. To unite or connect firmly, as in a system.

The whole body fitly joined together and compacted
by that which every joint supplieth. --Eph. iv. 16.

Compact \Com*pact"\ (k[o^]m*p[a^]kt"), p. p. & a. [L. compactus,
p. p. of compingere to join or unite; com- + pangere to
fasten, fix: cf. F. compacte. See {Pact}.]
1. Joined or held together; leagued; confederated. [Obs.]
``Compact with her that's gone.'' --Shak.

A pipe of seven reeds, compact with wax together.

2. Composed or made; -- with of. [Poetic]

A wandering fire,
Compact of unctuous vapor. --Milton.

3. Closely or firmly united, as the particles of solid
bodies; firm; close; solid; dense.

Glass, crystal, gems, and other compact bodies.
--Sir I.

4. Brief; close; pithy; not diffuse; not verbose; as, a
compact discourse.

Syn: Firm; close; solid; dense; pithy; sententious.

Compact \Com"pact\ (k[o^]m"p[a^]kt), n. [L. compactum, fr.
compacisci, p. p. compactus, to make an agreement with; com-
+ pacisci to make an agreement. See {Pact}.]
An agreement between parties; a covenant or contract.

The law of nations depends on mutual compacts,
treaties, leagues, etc. --Blackstone.

Wedlock is described as the indissoluble compact.

The federal constitution has been styled a compact
between the States by which it was ratified. --Wharton.

Syn: See {Covenant}.

  1. Canadian union officials said they are primarily concerned about jobs at Ford's Oakville, Ontario, car assembly plant, one of two in North America that makes Tempo and Topaz compact cars.
  2. The United States and its NATO allies should revise their joint defense compact to shift more of the financial and military burden onto the Europeans, a new study has concluded.
  3. The DAT recorders also are creating a stir because major record companies want consumer-electronics makers to install computer chips in the machines to prevent users from taping the high-quality compact disks.
  4. Consider just GM's compact cars.
  5. Bookshelf is the Redmond, Wash., software maker's first general-purpose product using compact disks as a data-storage medium for personal computers.
  6. It is difficult for the manufacturers of compact disc players and cassette recorders to realise large profits.
  7. Experts say consumer products ranging from compact disk players to videocassette recorders have become so advanced that in some respects they are more sophisticated than mainframe computers or nuclear missiles.
  8. DISCORDANT PRICING on compact disks divides music retailers.
  9. Such a compact is now urgent.
  10. Chrysler Corp. will rely on a stripped-down version of a compact car to fill a void left when the company stops making subcompacts, a Chrysler executive said.
  11. Mr. Niefer said domestic sales should pick up after the introduction of a redesigned version of the compact 190 series, which will be in dealers' showrooms beginning in September.
  12. Chrysler builds the Dodge Spirit and Plymouth Acclaim compact cars at the Newark plant and extended-length minivans at the St. Louis plant.
  13. Meanwhile, Philips plans to introduce next year a rival technology called digitial compact cassettes.
  14. While the Japanese have embraced the compact packaging and convenience of concentrated products, the true test for P&G will be in the $4 billion U.S. detergent market, where growth is slow and liquids have gained prominence over powders.
  15. In describing his intentions, explaining their rationale and acknowledging that the project was a mistake and personal failure, Mr. Reagan has preserved his compact with the electorate.
  16. Mr Brian McLaughlin, managing director of the HMV chain, said his shops were still selling 'as many copies as we can lay our hands on'. The popularity of compact disc players is also boosting music sales.
  17. They are more compact and cheaper but also slower than static random access memory chips, known as S-RAMs.
  18. Chrysler Corp. plans to replace its Dodge Spirit and Plymouth Acclaim compact cars in about five years, and is pushing back the introduction of a new luxury car, an executive says.
  19. In the Common Market, subsidy costs are so high they threaten the financial stability of the 12-nation compact.
  20. "Cuts Both Ways" has hit the top of the charts, and the compact discs and cassettes have the two different versions.
  21. The drives, which are very similar to compact disk audio players, use a tiny laser to read data encoded in microscopic pits etched inside a spinning plastic disk.
  22. The new machines being developed by Tandy offer almost all of the advantages of records, cassettes, digital tape and compact disks, without any of the drawbacks.
  23. Proponents claim high-definition TV will turn American living rooms into mini-movie theaters or sports arenas with compact disk-quality sound and razor-sharp pictures on wide screens.
  24. Dominique Barnaud of the French navy defends his sub's maneuverability and its innovative compact reactor.
  25. The Army intends for soldiers to use the devices, called compact radio direction finders, to spot such signal-emitting targets as tanks and artillery batteries.
  26. So far, the allies have agreed only on the outlines of a new compact.
  27. Ford plans to build a compact pickup in the U.S. for Mazda, Ford's Japanese partner, starting in 1993.
  28. But this new edition achieves the compact ideal by compressing nine pages of the full OED onto a single 14-by-10-inch COED page.
  29. Another Northeastern freshman, Edward Monette of West Hampton Beach, N.Y., was the third entrant, staggering out the door with 59 compact discs worth $900 and weighing about 30 pounds.
  30. An initiative that would have forced the shutdown of Massachusetts' two nuclear power plants was trounced by voters. Nebraska voters defeated a measure that would have made that state the first to withdraw from an interstate nuclear waste compact.
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