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 Sicilian [si'siljən, -liən]   添加此单词到默认生词本
n. 西西里岛的(西西里岛人的)
a. 西西里岛西西里岛人的

    [ noun ]
    1. a resident of Sicily

    2. <noun.person>
    [ adj ]
    1. of or relating to or characteristic of Sicily or the people of Sicily

    2. <adj.pert>
      the Sicilian Mafia

    Sicilian \Si*cil"i*an\, a.
    Of or pertaining to Sicily or its inhabitants.

    {Sicilian vespers}, the great massacre of the French in
    Sicily, in the year 1282, on the evening of Easter Monday,
    at the hour of vespers.

    Sicilian \Si*cil"i*an\, n.
    A native or inhabitant of Sicily.

    1. Zorza, 46, was identified Thursday as one of 39 people in the New York area involved in swapping cocaine for heroin with the Sicilian Mafia in what U.S. authorities described as the biggest international drug bust ever.
    2. Police arrested 12 men Tuesday and accused them of gang-raping a 21-year-old women in this Sicilian hamlet.
    3. Among Sciascia's best-known works were "The Day of the Owl," "The Sicilian Relatives" and "The Wine-Dark Sea," a collection of short stories about Sicilians coping with authority figures.
    4. A reputed Mafia assassin wanted for nine years has been arrested in what authorities described Monday as one of the biggest blows to the Sicilian underworld in years.
    5. Police believe the munitions were lost during the allied invasion in July 1943, but they have not ruled out the possibility the shipment was the result of illegal arms traffic along the southern Sicilian coast, ANSA said.
    6. We need to concentrate on that." Leonardo Sciascia, a Sicilian novelist who wrote of the Mafia, official corruption and Italy's political class, died Monday at age 68, his family reported.
    7. The Camorra is the Neapolitan version of the Sicilian Mafia.
    8. Lancaster's most mature performance came when he took on the challenge of portraying the wistful Sicilian prince in Visconti's The Leopard (1963).
    9. An Italian air force F-104 fighter plane crashed outside this Sicilian city while on a training flight Thursday, killing the pilot, the ANSA news agency reported.
    10. A Sicilian woman's malignant tumor has been cured following her pilgrimage to Lourdes, religious authorities said Thursday, declaring it the 65th miracle at the Roman Catholic shrine.
    11. Apart from outright graft, diplomats say, some politicians court the vital Sicilian vote by going easy on the issue.
    12. The record price for any piece of silver is $1.98 million paid at Christie's in New York last month for a 17th-century Sicilian table fountain.
    13. The latter payment was imposed on Salvatore Catalano, a 46-year-old New York baker convicted of running a major drug-trafficking enterprise in the U.S. for the Sicilian Mafia from 1975 to 1984.
    14. Downstairs, a Sicilian slice costs $1.50, and the atmosphere is canned mushrooms and pepperoni.
    15. Two gunmen opened fire in a crowded outdoor market in this Sicilian city on Tuesday, killing three people and sending panicked shoppers scrambling for cover, authorities said.
    16. The FBI and Italian authorities on Thursday arrested more than 130 people and cracked a major Sicilian Mafia drug ring that used cocaine from the United States to buy heroin in Italy for return to U.S. markets, officials said.
    17. Nanking typically has hot summers, earning it the nickname "furnace." A convicted Mafia boss was ambushed and shot to death near this Sicilian capital in what police described as a settlement of accounts between rival gangs.
    18. Rose said Buscetta had been a soldier "of great respect" in the Sicilian Mafia, where his duties included settling disputes and acting as an emissary between families.
    19. The "Golden Girls" was recognized for the "constant barrage of negative Italian and Sicilian diatribes" spoken by the Italian character Sofia Petrillo."Golden Girls" media representative Merry Aronson had no comment on the charge.
    20. Some of the heroin smuggled into the United States was liquified and put into bottles purported to be Sicilian wine, without the knowledge of the vintner.
    21. As it turns out, the Corleone family now dominates the Sicilian Mafia, a loose confederation of maybe 30 groups, but Don Vito Corleone (played by Marlon Brando in the movie) does not come from this little agricultural town.
    22. When someone has such a farm, there's no necessity for them to live in the city." Verdi's "Sicilian Vespers" will inaugurate the opera season at La Scala on Dec. 7, the theater announced Wednesday.
    23. Gava fears the consequences of new and enormous cocaine profits for Italy's underworld _ the Sicilian Mafia and Naple's Camorra.
    24. Prosecutors said the network could involve Iran, Syria, international terrorist groups and the Sicilian Mafia.
    25. A ferry carrying 52 passengers and crew sank off the Sicilian coast Sunday evening, leaving six people dead and seven missing, authorities said.
    26. By "the Mafia," Italians mean about 30 Sicilian "families," linked in crime not blood, whose worldwide income makes up perhaps 1-2 percent of Italy's gross national product.
    27. Investigators said Nuvoletta is head of one of the most powerful clans of the Camorra, the Neapolitan version of the Sicilian Mafia. The Camorra gangs are involved in extortion, drug trafficking, money laundering and other illegal activities.
    28. Title and posture allude to the symbol of Rome who suckled the twins, and to the creature of Sicilian myth of devouring sensuality.
    29. It was mentioned repeatedly Thursday during a related news conference in New York, although none of the Sicilian heroin in the new case was distributed through pizzerias in the United States.
    30. A pizza parlor owner wanted in Italy in connection with the murder of a Sicilian judge has been ordered deported by an Immigration and Naturalization Service judge.
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