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 Sheldon ['ʃeldən]   添加此单词到默认生词本
n. 谢尔登(m.)

    1. Sheldon J. Krys as assistant secretary of state for diplomatic security.
    2. "There are many investment strategies with potential," says Sheldon Jacobs, editor of the No-Load Fund Investor, an industry fund newsletter.
    3. Hatred, No." University President Sheldon Hackney defended the Farrakhan visit, saying that "in an academic community, open expression is the most fundamental value.
    4. Sheldon, Torelli and Bohl couldn't be reached for comment.
    5. Gadberry said Sheldon is nonchalant because "we're in a position where he can't do anything.
    6. Sheldon Goldman, political scientist at the University of Massachusetts, wrote last summer that the real impact of Reagan's appointments will reach into the 21st century and likely will be reinforced by Bush's judges.
    7. Moreover, Sheldon Adelson, the chairman and chief executive of Interface Group Inc. and the founder of Comdex, has made some changes to quell the discontent.
    8. The idea was to allow Purdy students to have a dance and we did that." Superintendent Sheldon Buxton said alumni and other non-students were kept out of the dance because he feared outsiders bent on disruption would be attracted by publicity.
    9. Sheldon L. Richman Director of Public Affairs Institute for Humane Studies George Mason University Fairfax, Va.
    10. "We felt her intent was to give it all to the federal government," said Sheldon Isaacs, the lawyer who prepared the will and is administering the estate.
    11. Paul Sheldon, its chief executive, believes the tough decisions the TEC will be making on training-provision in Cardiff are bound to be controversial: 'Our primary client is the employer.
    12. "Parties have moved to off-campus housing and bars downtown where underage students might be served," says Sheldon Steinbach, general counsel for the American Council on Education, which represents 1,600 schools.
    13. "I'm the garbage can of the North Hollywood-Burbank area," says Sheldon Altman, who helped pioneer acupuncture in California 15 years ago.
    14. Elden settled the suit over his personal injuries, but his attempt to collect damages from Sheldon for emotional distress and loss of consortium was dismissed by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge George Xanthos.
    15. Sheldon Glashow, a Nobel laureate and professor of physics at Harvard, will serve as Quantum's physics editor.
    16. Author Sidney Sheldon, a close friend for three decades, said Wallace was "a very good writer" whose novels were painstakingly researched.
    17. Actor Kirk Douglas, who grew up in a family that struggled to put food on the table, joined best-selling author Sidney Sheldon as host of a benefit for Skid Row's Los Angeles Mission.
    18. Also named in the indictment were Terry Sheldon, 31, also known as Mr. Scam and Tapahpunja; Steven Fitzpatrick, 36, also known as Sundarakara; New Vrindaban Community Inc.; Govardhan Inc.; and the Cathedral of Healing Inc.
    19. A state-court jury convicted tax-shelter promoter Sheldon Barr in a scheme that prosecutors said bilked about 700 investors out of $13.5 million.
    20. Sheldon Epstein, who heads Laventhol's Chicago office, says National Investigative Services' 1988 sales were "a little over $1 million."
    21. Sheldon Holtzman, a partner in Laventhol & Horwath's Chicago office, says the firm is confident that it issued the letter based on "agreed-upon" procedures with Wieboldt and the lenders.
    22. Kennedy had proposed a comprehensive ban, but Soviet leader Nikita S. Khrushchev vetoed the idea, said Sheldon Stern, a historian at the Kennedy Library.
    23. Louisiana Arts and Science Center: "Of Time and the City: American Modernism From the Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery."
    24. Southern California Edison spokesman Keith Sheldon said the utility's pipeline was unaffected by the incident.
    25. Also, Sheldon Aboff, formerly a vice president at Maxwell, was named group vice president with responsibility for various electronic and publishing-group companies.
    26. People come to the Sheldon Mountain House to climb staggering walls of gray rock ringing the Ruth Glacier, to ski or just to look and listen.
    27. That's good quality," said Jones, in Lincoln for the Animation Festival at the Sheldon Film Theater.
    28. Sheldon H. Elsen, a lawyer for the Asian firms, said "I think this is one of those situations where very able arbitrators, when presented with the facts, came out with a just result."
    29. Sheldon S. King, president of Stanford University Hospital, was elected a director, increasing board membership at this real estate investment trust to eight.
    30. Sheldon Weinberg, 64, serving a seven- to 21-year sentence at Attica state prison, was indicted by a state grand jury on one count of bail jumping, said Deputy Attorney General Edward J. Kuriansky.
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