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 winery ['wainәri]   添加此单词到默认生词本
n. 葡萄酒厂

    [ noun ]
    distillery where wine is made

    Winery \Win"er*y\, n. [Cf. F. vinerie.]
    A place where grapes are converted into wine.

    1. If officials in China can work out the details, a Chinese-owned winery next year might join the growing lineup of foreign-owned California wineries.
    2. But for all the activity, winery owners are aware that central Washington will never rival the Napa Valley, located near San Francisco, primarily because the population density is just not there, Hogue says.
    3. Mr. Cerniglia's Cavendish, Vt., winery pays maple-syrup producers 20 cents a gallon for the water, which is filtered from the sap before it's boiled down to make syrup.
    4. Among the winery's brands are Wild Irish Rose and Sun Country Coolers.
    5. While Charles Robert Cox, a member of the family that owns the winery, shows a visitor through the chenin blanc, a jack rabbit bounds across the vineyard.
    6. But the winery is "in the black." Winemaking has an attractive, sophisticated image, but Washington owners say the life isn't quite like "Falcon Crest," the television series about intrigues in California's wine country.
    7. Shedding nicknames like "Chateau de Bubba" and "Cowboy Cabernet," a West Texas winery has proven beyond a sip of sauvignon that wine from the South Plains can get some respect _ even from the French.
    8. The seventh victim was Tracy Toovey, 35, an assistant winemaker at the Grand Cru winery in Kenwood, where Salcido worked; another co-worker was wounded during the spree.
    9. Mr. Walter invented the chemical-free wine process, called the Walthari method, and owns a winery in Germany.
    10. Canandaigua Wine, the fourth largest winery in the country, has suffered millions of dollars of losses because of slumping sales of Sun Country Wine Cooler, the product that catapulted the company into prosperity not too long ago.
    11. A woman at the winery declined to comment and referred all questions to the sheriff's department.
    12. William W. Oliver, an Indiana University law professor whose family runs a small winery, thinks he is going to give the new plan a try.
    13. Deadpan comic, self-nominating presidential candidate and vintner Pat Paulsen, who has been trying to sell his Sonoma County winery for more than a year, has finally made a deal on the property.
    14. Wanger said Ernest and Julio were reluctant to sue their brother but were rebuffed when they offered to license him to use the Gallo trademark if the winery were allowed reasonable quality control over his cheese.
    15. A California winery worker has told Mexican officials he decided to kill his family the day after he came home to find his children alone and his wife out late on what he thought was a tryst.
    16. Three huge storage vats were uncorked at a winery, creating a 450,000-gallon pink sea, and authorities said the motive may involve sour grapes.
    17. The 28-year-old winery worker is charged with killing Carmina's mother and two sisters, his mother-in-law and her two young daughters, and a co-worker he told detectives he believed was having an affair with his wife.
    18. Authorities in California also said Salcido, a forklift operator who worked with Toovey at a winery, may have been spotted in San Francisco sometime after the slayings began Friday morning.
    19. Every winery had a tasting room and tourists, many on bicycles, began traveling valley road en masse.
    20. The winery expects to sell 3.2 million cases this year, making Glen Ellen the second largest wine producer in Sonoma County behind Sebastiani Vineyards.
    21. Hochar makes 15,000 to 20,000 cases of wine a year at the 30-year-old winery founded by his father, Gaston.
    22. Today, none of the Sattui wine is sold in stores, only at the winery and by subscription.
    23. A winery worker accused of killing his wife, two of their daughters and four other people in a bloody rampage pleaded innocent Friday to charges that could send him to the gas chamber.
    24. People are disappointed." A jealous winery worker went on a bloody rampage Friday and killed five people, including his wife and mother-in-law, then fled with his three young daughters, authorities said.
    25. One year ago: Ramon Salcido, a California winery worker accused of killing six relatives and a co-worker, was deported from Mexico to the United States.
    26. The sun became soporific and dead kangaroos by the roadside began to look snuggly and cuddlesome, like furry animal pyjama-cases. Every winery has its own atmosphere.
    27. A Napa Valley winery bought one device to curb overzealous wine tasters.
    28. With their Exor bid in progress, they currently hold nearly 40% of Exor, which in addition to Perrier shares owns extensive Paris real estate and famed Bordeaux winery Chateau Margaux.
    29. Glenmore Distilleries Co. said it agreed to end an agreement to sell its Corbett Canyon Vineyards subsidiary to Jess S. Jackson, a San Francisco winery owner.
    30. "They told me they'd get back to me," recalls Mr. Stern, who still consults for Golan and is revered as the winery's father.
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