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 subsidiary [sәb'sidiәri]   添加此单词到默认生词本
n. 子公司, 附件, 辅助者

a. 辅助的, 次要的, 津贴的

[经] 附属公司, 子公司; 补助的

    [ noun ]
    1. an assistant subject to the authority or control of another

    2. <noun.person>
    3. a company that is completely controlled by another company

    4. <noun.group>
    [ adj ]
    1. functioning in a supporting capacity

    2. <adj.all>
      the main library and its auxiliary branches

    Subsidiary \Sub*sid"i*a*ry\, n.; pl. {Subsidiaries}.
    One who, or that which, contributes aid or additional
    supplies; an assistant; an auxiliary. --Hammond.

    Subsidiary \Sub*sid"i*a*ry\, a. [L. subsidiarius: cf. F.
    subsidiaire. See {Subsidy}.]
    1. Furnishing aid; assisting; auxiliary; helping; tributary;
    especially, aiding in an inferior position or capacity;
    as, a subsidiary stream.

    Chief ruler and principal head everywhere, not
    suffragant and subsidiary. --Florio.

    They constituted a useful subsidiary testimony of
    another state of existence. --Coleridge.

    2. Of or pertaining to a subsidy; constituting a subsidy;
    being a part of, or of the nature of, a subsidy; as,
    subsidiary payments to an ally.

    George the Second relied on his subsidiary treaties.
    --Ld. Mahon.

    1. Unocal Corp. said Friday it had agreed to sell a Norwegian oil and gas subsidiary for $322 million, the latest in a series of asset sales by the parent of Union Oil Co. of California.
    2. Mr. Weimert had been president of Community Shares' major subsidiary, Community Savings & Loan Association.
    3. Entenmann's, a subsidiary of General Foods Corp., White Plains, N.Y., declines to comment on the matter.
    4. It was the latest protest against the government's plans to open up the airline, a subsidiary of state-owned carrier Air France, to foreign competition.
    5. The tender offer was launched through New World's Marvel Entertainment Group Inc. subsidiary, which was included in the injunction issued Friday.
    6. The company said it reduced interest expense 16% during the fiscal period and cut operating overhead significantly at its main subsidiary, Frank's Nursery & Crafts.
    7. A subsidiary of Australian developer Hooker Corp. said Friday that it has retained an investment adviser to consider selling, refinancing or finding partners for three of its U.S. shopping malls.
    8. HEAVY LOSSES in a carpet subsidiary helped to depress pre-tax profits at Lamont Holdings, the Northern Ireland-based textiles company.
    9. John Green, md of the ANGLIAN WATER subsidiary Engineering and Business Systems, has been appointed to the main board.
    10. The disposition of Warner's shares in BHC, Chris-Craft's principal broadcasting subsidiary, was one of the principal issues in a lawsuit Chris-Craft filed against Warner in Delaware chancery court.
    11. LTV Steel Co. of Cleveland, a subsidiary of Dallas-based LTV Corp., plans to sell its Ohio-based steel bar division as part of the parent company's reorganization under federal bankruptcy laws.
    12. "This change is designed to improve the efficiency of conducting our business in today's highly competitive business environment," said S.M. Cassiani, vice president of exploration for Exxon USA, the domestic subsidiary of Exxon Corp.
    13. Hormel said Charles B. Olson, president of Jennie-O, will also be named chief executive officer of the new subsidiary.
    14. As a subsidiary of Time Inc., Book-of-the-Month Club does not reveal exact sales figures for its books, videotapes or casettes.
    15. District Attorney Robert M. Morgenthau said his office began investigating allegations of fraud in August 1989 following a complaint from one of the lenders, Chase Manhattan Bank, a subsidiary of Chase Manhattan Corp.
    16. Thomas M. McGrath has been named to the new post of chairman and chief executive officer of BEI Golembe Consulting, the company's primary consulting subsidiary.
    17. Time Warner also is negotiating with Toshiba Corp. and C. Itoh & Co. about a potential investment of $1 billion in Time Warner for a stake in a new entertainment subsidiary containing the movie, cable and TV production businesses.
    18. However, the shares later recovered to end only 2 lower at 199p after buying was reported at S G Warburg. A cut in mortgage interest rates lifted P & O, whose Bovis subsidiary is a leading UK housebuilder.
    19. During the latest quarter, International Paper announced the $400 million cash acquisition of Masonite, a subsidiary of USG Corp.
    20. Texaco Inc. said it completed the previously announced sale of its 99.1% interest in Deutsche Texaco AG to a subsidiary of Rheinisch-West falisches Elektrizitatswerk AG for $1.2 billion.
    21. The nonunionized subsidiary mostly does work in the South, where unions exercise considerably less influence and open shops are common.
    22. On Dec. 21, he ordered the city to contract with Indiana Waste Systems, a subsidiary of Waste Management Inc. of Oak Brook, Ill.
    23. Volkswagen and the Madrid government yesterday came close to an agreement in negotiations over state aid for Seat, the German vehicle group's crippled Spanish subsidiary.
    24. General Motors Corp.'s Saturn subsidiary is planning to produce 10 models by 1994 and possibly expand its current one-plant operation, a trade journal said today.
    25. Generali had hoped to prevent Midi's shareholders from voting at their annual meeting today on a resolution that would merge Midi's insurance subsidiary with the insurance activities of AXA, a French rival of Generali.
    26. A group of Drexel Burnham Lambert Group Inc. creditors asked a federal judge Wednesday to place a commodities trading subsidiary into bankruptcy court because it is not paying more than $500 million in debts.
    27. Cineplex also said it sold the lease of the Roosevelt Field Century Theatre to Loews Theatre Corp., a subsidiary of TriStar Pictures Inc., for $17 million.
    28. In the past three weeks, more than $5.5 billion of new issues flooded the Euromarket, including multimillion-dollar issues from such borrowers as Campbell Soup Co. and Ford Motor Co.'s credit subsidiary and a $1 billion issue from Italy.
    29. Thames blamed weak overseas markets, although one environmental services subsidiary lost Pounds 2m due to poor management. An expected run of enhanced scrip dividend alternatives failed to materialise.
    30. That plan was later abandoned in favour of a 100 per cent subsidiary. The government approved Coke's proposal in June 1993, allowing it to set up a blending plant at Pune in the state of Maharashtra.
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