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 production [prә'dʌkʃәn]   添加此单词到默认生词本
n. 制造, 生产, 产物

[医] 产生, 生成

[经] 产量, 开采, 制造生产

    [ noun ]
    1. the act or process of producing something

    2. <noun.act>
      Shakespeare's production of poetry was enormous
      the production of white blood cells
    3. a presentation for the stage or screen or radio or television

    4. <noun.communication>
      have you seen the new production of Hamlet?
    5. an artifact that has been created by someone or some process

    6. <noun.artifact>
      they improve their product every year
      they export most of their agricultural production
    7. (law) the act of exhibiting in a court of law

    8. <noun.act>
      the appellate court demanded the production of all documents
    9. the quantity of something (as a commodity) that is created (usually within a given period of time)

    10. <noun.quantity>
      production was up in the second quarter
    11. a display that is exaggerated or unduly complicated

    12. <noun.communication>
      she tends to make a big production out of nothing
    13. (economics) manufacturing or mining or growing something (usually in large quantities) for sale

    14. <noun.act>
      he introduced more efficient methods of production
    15. the creation of value or wealth by producing goods and services

    16. <noun.act>

    Production \Pro*duc"tion\, n. [L. productio a lengthening,
    prolonging: cf. F. production. See {Produce}. ]
    1. The act or process or producing, bringing forth, or
    exhibiting to view; as, the production of commodities, of
    a witness.

    2. That which is produced, yielded, or made, whether
    naturally, or by the application of intelligence and
    labor; as, the productions of the earth; the productions
    of handicraft; the productions of intellect or genius.

    3. The act of lengthening out or prolonging.

    Syn: Product; produce; fruit; work; performance; composition.

    1. In addition, union and management have promised to work together to resolve problems arising from layoffs, production schedule changes, major investments and day-to-day decisions once left entirely to management.
    2. Domestic coal production so far this year is 119.8 million tons, 8.1 percent ahead of last year's production at this time.
    3. Domestic coal production so far this year is 119.8 million tons, 8.1 percent ahead of last year's production at this time.
    4. General Motors Corp. will cut about 3,200 production jobs at three plants in February and March because of slow auto sales, the nation's biggest automaker said in another indication of the industry's severe slump.
    5. Out of total production till March of 44.12m kg south India contributed 29.85m kg, which was 10m kg lower than the crop in the first quarter of 1991.
    6. After a six to nine-month delay in getting its graphics computer ready, CST says that, at last, the system is in production testing.
    7. Some of OPEC's poorer members, such as Algeria, would like the Saudis and some other major producers to cut back on production immediately in order to help firm up prices.
    8. Nugent's new wife, who now works for a video production firm, said she had never heard much of Nugent before meeting him in October.
    9. The company didn't say how much extra production there would be but dealers estimated that it would amount to an additional 150,000 ounces, which would bring the company's annual output to 1.4 million ounces.
    10. The department has agreed to a wide study of the environmental impact of weapons plant modernization, but has not said this would affect its schedule for getting the main production plants back on line after lengthy shutdowns.
    11. GM in particular is already trimming production piecemeal.
    12. The department's corn and soybean production estimates were slightly higher than private analysts and economists had expected.
    13. U.S. industrial production surged 0.7 percent in April as a boom in demand for business equipment helped give the country the biggest increase in factory output in six months, the government said Monday.
    14. Bond prices finished narrowly mixed Tuesday as the market shrugged off new reports on trade and industrial production and looked toward Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan's testimony before Congress.
    15. Robert McCormick, deputy assistant secretary of defense for production support, confirmed that the new buy-American rules will go into effect today, but he declined to give details.
    16. Japanese officials urged the U.S. to help narrow international trade imbalances by curbing excessive consumer demand and expanding production capacity.
    17. It will add production facilities for personal computers, facsimile machines, colour display tubes and semiconductors.
    18. Lawmakers hope this provision will provide an incentive to reverse the prolonged decline in oat production.
    19. Workers at a Stepanakert silk factory spent two hours Monday morning cleaning a thick layer of dust from their looms and have other maintenance work to do before production is back to normal, Tass reported.
    20. Although the loss was small in relation to Rustenburg's estimated annual production of 1.4 million ounces, the company probably needs to buy platinum on the open market for a stockpile as a buffer against any future disruptions, he says.
    21. The company hopes the facility "will shortly resume full production and shipment," Mr. Wood told a group of U.K. analysts and fund managers here.
    22. Four days hence, on Monday, the regular winter conference of OPEC opens and all 13 members will begin the effort to take official action on the problem of runaway production.
    23. Thus the company currently has major projects under way to boost its production capacity both in Japan and in the U.S.
    24. On the other side, Arturo Hernandez Grisanti, the oil minister of Venezuela, who had aggressively sought production cuts, called the agreement a reasonable outcome.
    25. Some delegates to the Geneva Conference predicted that 20 years of talks would culminate this year in an international agreement banning the development, production and stockpiling of chemical weapons.
    26. GM also is slowing production of Corsicas and Berettas at its Wilmington, Del., plant this week because of "supplier material problems," a spokesman said.
    27. It began production in mid-1988 and produced 100,000 ounces of gold a year between 1989 and 1991 - a tenth of Chile's total output.
    28. He added that production should increase to 150,000 barrels a day with the addition of Parker's new technology and services from 25,000 barrels a day currently.
    29. Department economists predicted a 24% jump in soybean production to 1.91 billion bushels, slightly higher than estimates made by private analysts.
    30. Mr. Smith added that, despite respectable trading at the group's Rover auto unit, the car market "remains difficult," forcing production and labor cutbacks.
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