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 petty ['peti]   添加此单词到默认生词本
a. 琐碎的, 小规模的, 小气的, 委琐的

[经] 小额的, 微小的, 小规模的

    pettier, pettiest
    [ noun ]
    1. larceny of property having a value less than some amount (the amount varies by locale)

    2. <noun.act>
    [ adj ]
    1. inferior in rank or status

    2. <adj.all>
      the junior faculty
      a lowly corporal
      petty officialdom
      a subordinate functionary
    3. (informal) small and of little importance

    4. <adj.all>
      a fiddling sum of money
      a footling gesture
      our worries are lilliputian compared with those of countries that are at war
      a little (or small) matter
      a dispute over niggling details
      limited to petty enterprises
      piffling efforts
      giving a police officer a free meal may be against the law, but it seems to be a picayune infraction
    5. contemptibly narrow in outlook

    6. <adj.all>
      petty little comments
      disgusted with their small-minded pettiness

    Petty \Pet"ty\, a. [Compar. {Pettier}; superl. {Pettiest}.] [OE.
    petit, F. petit; probably of Celtic origin, and akin to E.
    piece. Cf. {Petit}.]
    Little; trifling; inconsiderable; also, inferior;
    subordinate; as, a petty fault; a petty prince. --Denham.

    Like a petty god
    I walked about, admired of all. --Milton.

    {Petty averages}. See under {Average}.

    {Petty cash}, money expended or received in small items or

    {Petty officer}, a subofficer in the navy, as a gunner, etc.,
    corresponding to a noncommissionned officer in the army.

    Note: For petty constable, petty jury, petty larceny, petty
    treason, See {Petit}.

    Syn: Little; diminutive; inconsiderable; inferior; trifling;
    trivial; unimportant; frivolous.

    1. Shouting over the rumble of a dual carriageway, he talks almost exclusively about social issues, and the rising tide of petty crime which he links to the 9.9 per cent jobless rate. 'Everywhere you go, the most pressing problem is unemployment.
    2. Was he concerned a passion for Fitzgerald equals "petty bourgeois ideology"?
    3. "The verdicts shore up the contention that this was petty theft compared with everything that's gone on in the savings and loan and securities industries, and we can feel pretty good about ourselves," Damgard said.
    4. It was the same in restaurants, and the rule holds true in all public life: Work (no matter how simple) is avoided; power (no matter how petty) is exercised.
    5. Nicholas Dujmovic, said everybody below the rank of 1st class petty officer helped clean up in preparation for the visit, including the picking up of dead leaves all over the island.
    6. Some detainees were petty criminals as young as 14, Mr Rodley said.
    7. The official press carried numerous reports of arrests of vagrants and petty criminals and executions of robbers, murderers and rapists as well as an arsonist who set fire to an army jeep during last year's protests.
    8. The revised curriculum requires that four staffers be posted on the pool deck as safety observers at all times and that one of them must be the officer in charge or a chief petty officer. The school has one officer and two chief petty officers.
    9. The revised curriculum requires that four staffers be posted on the pool deck as safety observers at all times and that one of them must be the officer in charge or a chief petty officer. The school has one officer and two chief petty officers.
    10. Sims, a 27-year-old helicopter crewman and rescue swimmer, served a 30-day detention on the base and his petty officer rank was reduced.
    11. The death squads consist largely of active and off-duty police officers who make extra money by killing petty thieves at the behest of shopkeepers and others.
    12. "Feelings run a range anywhere from gross inconvenience to having a place in history," said Tom Brodksy, a Coast Guard petty officer reporting for morning duty.
    13. Philip G. Weldon was a petty officer third class on board the carrier, the Ticonderoga, when the Navy attack jet rolled off the deck about 80 miles from a Japanese island, the paper said.
    14. Most arrested protesters were immediately convicted of "petty crime" and sentenced to between 30 and 60 days in jail, the government's Tanjug news agency said.
    15. "I went from being very interested in it to hating it all," says Mrs. Biggs, the antiques dealer, who thinks both candidates are acting "petty."
    16. Wednesday was the first day of an indefinite police crackdown on petty crimes such as spitting, letting dogs run stray and littering.
    17. Little by little they start committing petty thefts and as they grow older they start stealing cars or pushing drugs.
    18. This is an easy way of finding out just exactly where you keep your money; five minutes later you might not have any left. Extortion by petty bureaucrats.
    19. These Reed sisters are siblings, complete with the love, the petty jealousies and the major rivalries.
    20. So-called "filter fences" will be installed to clean up marshland with minimal human and mechanical intrusion, said Howard Holmes, a petty officer in the Coast Guard's public affairs office.
    21. While there is mounting national concern over the seriousness of drunken driving, Justice Thurgood Marshall said for the court Monday that Nevada classifies driving under the influence as a petty crime.
    22. Below stairs, an entire petty larceny of servants cheat their way through life. Behind Grub Street lies Fielding's satire of the dim George II, the pretentious Queen Caroline and their lecherous son Frederick Prince of Wales.
    23. Edward Mann, noted that only two among the 225 men aboard had ever been in combat _ himself and his senior chief petty officer.
    24. ACCIDENTAL HERO (15) Stephen Frears BODY OF EVIDENCE (18) Uli Edel Dustin Hoffman in Accidental Hero plays a petty crook seized by a sudden surge of selfless bravery.
    25. The U.S. in effect has been subsidizing Israeli socialism. Government in that tiny country regulates everything, tolerates petty monopolies and other anti-competitive practices and hoards vast land areas that a free market would put to good use.
    26. The panel also decided that the state needed a healthy dose of political competition, and it ignored the desires of some incumbents for the kind of safe seats that make mere politicians start acting like petty barons.
    27. His criminal record lists more than 60 crimes, most of them petty theft and assault, one for manslaughter.
    28. Officer Leon Cohen, 39, was arrested at a Queens subway station and charged with misdemeanor counts of official misconduct, petty larceny and possession of burglary tools, the spokesman said.
    29. Some of his colleagues at the NSC described the former Naval petty officer as "a pretty straight guy" who would have resisted any attempts to tamper with the documents and the index he controlled.
    30. Invoking Hitler is patronising, petty and scarcely amusing. It is estimated that 10 per cent of the UK population are vegetarian.
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