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 never ['nɛvɚ]   添加此单词到默认生词本
ad. 从不, 决不, 不曾

[法] 永不, 决不, 从来没有

    [ adv ]
    1. not ever; at no time in the past or future

    2. <adv.all>
      I have never been to China
      I shall never forget this day
      had never seen a circus
      never on Sunday
      I will never marry you!
    3. not at all; certainly not; not in any circumstances

    4. <adv.all>
      never fear
      bringing up children is never easy
      that will never do
      what is morally wrong can never be politically right

    Never \Nev"er\ (n[e^]v"[~e]r), adv. [AS. n[=ae]fre; ne not, no +
    [=ae]fre ever.]
    1. Not ever; not at any time; at no time, whether past,
    present, or future. --Shak.

    Death still draws nearer, never seeming near.

    2. In no degree; not in the least; not.

    Whosoever has a friend to guide him, may carry his
    eyes in another man's head, and yet see never the
    worse. --South.

    And he answered him to never a word. --Matt. xxvii.

    Note: Never is much used in composition with present
    participles to form adjectives, as in never-ceasing,
    never-dying, never-ending, never-fading, never-failing,
    etc., retaining its usual signification.

    {Never a deal}, not a bit. [Obs.] --Chaucer.

    {Never so}, as never before; more than at any other time, or
    in any other circumstances; especially; particularly; --
    now often expressed or replaced by {ever so}.

    Ask me never so much dower and gift. --Gen. xxxiv.

    A fear of battery, . . . though never so well
    grounded, is no duress. --Blackstone.

    1. Can we never see eye-to-eye until all 120 million Japanese become Christians?" My second encounter occurred in the late 1980s, when I overheard a comment as I passed by a meeting room in the New York head office of a major financial organization.
    2. But Mr. Iacocca counters, "I never worked harder in my life than in the last couple of years.
    3. The museum has never valued "The Night Watch," which is not insured, in line with Culture Ministry policy.
    4. He said he never discussed this legal question "in a formal way" with Mr. Meese, but testified they "conceivably" discussed the matter at "various" points.
    5. The withdrawal of the SRAM-A follows Cheney's disclosure in late May that a safety problem existed with U.S. nuclear artillery shells in Europe, but that it had been fixed and a risk of accidental nuclear explosions never materialized.
    6. According to the sources, the complaint by lawyers for REI and the executives, William Moore and Robert Reedy, alleges that Valder never allowed government witnesses to inform a grand jury that they had not told REI executives about the payoffs to Voss.
    7. Nugent's new wife, who now works for a video production firm, said she had never heard much of Nugent before meeting him in October.
    8. Heaven and Mr William Cash alone know what the prime minister's response would be. Mr Major may never be put to this particular torture.
    9. "I never seen anybody run that fast," said Constable John Brown, who was escorting Bailey.
    10. "We've never had temperatures like this that I can recall.
    11. America must never surrender to a high moral challenge.
    12. He was never around." She said her daughters told her in 1987 their uncle had sexually abused them on a visit to their father's.
    13. They were not sentimentalists - they never had an 18th century. 'But, they did have an ideology in favour of freedom.
    14. But she says she would never return home despite her ordeal at sea and the Thai government's refusal to allow the boat people to resettle in the West.
    15. 'Go there', 'Try that', 'You will never finish what's on your plate there'.
    16. Despite heavy publicity about Pauley's reported unhappiness, Scott said, "I would have bet the family farm that she never was going to leave.
    17. "We'll never deny where we've come from," says Vales.
    18. The highschool senior has never actually seen a football game. But she thinks the jackets are cute.
    19. But I have never let go of Joan's Book.
    20. We are applying to ourselves, or at least to our public and private leaders, standards of ethics never before expected of ordinary mortals.
    21. Retailers have a recurring nightmare that seasonal shoppers will shy away from stores for fear of having to meet big bills later on. It almost never comes to pass; people get sentimental around the holidays and tend to over-spend.
    22. In spite of the promises of a new openness in UK economic policy, we may never know the true scale of the Bank of England's efforts to prop up the pound.
    23. The indictments send a message that drug smugglers can never be sure who they're dealing with, said U.S. Attorney Dexter Lehtinen.
    24. Fixed annuities traditionally have been regarded as insurance contracts because investors never risk their principal.
    25. After the Series, Joe Jackson wrote Comiskey offering to tell how the games had been played. Comiskey never answered him.
    26. It does, however, reflect something of the changing nature of graduates that the accountancy firms are now seeking. The supply of graduates seeking accountancy jobs has probably never been higher.
    27. It was never supposed to be a clone of `The Tonight Show.'"
    28. In keeping with the tenets of my profession I intend to be neutral, but it seems clear that factors of sentiment, which never are to be underestimated in matters of rooting, favor the A's.
    29. But the West has never abandoned all its doubts about Soviet intentions, and now it might start wondering once again who is really in control in the Kremlin.
    30. Mexican President Carlos Salinas de Gortari has made it clear that his country has never been more committed to its environmental responsibilities.
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