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 lofty ['lɒfti]   添加此单词到默认生词本
a. 高的, 傲慢的, 崇高的, 高级的, 玄虚的

    loftier, loftiest
    [ adj ]
    1. of high moral or intellectual value; elevated in nature or style

    2. <adj.all>
      an exalted ideal
      argue in terms of high-flown ideals
      a noble and lofty concept
      a grand purpose
    3. of imposing height; especially standing out above others

    4. <adj.all>
      an eminent peak
      lofty mountains
      the soaring spires of the cathedral
      towering icebergs
    5. having or displaying great dignity or nobility

    6. <adj.all>
      a gallant pageant
      lofty ships
      majestic cities
      proud alpine peaks

    Lofty \Loft"y\, a. [Compar. {Loftier}; superl. {Loftiest}.]
    [From {Loft}.]
    1. Lifted high up; having great height; towering; high.

    See lofty Lebanon his head advance. --Pope.

    2. Fig.: Elevated in character, rank, dignity, spirit,
    bearing, language, etc.; exalted; noble; stately;
    characterized by pride; haughty.

    The high and lofty One, that inhabiteth eternity.
    --Is. lvii.

    Lofty and sour to them that loved him not. --Shak.

    Himself to sing, and build the lofty rhyme.

    Syn: Tall; high; exalted; dignified; stately; majestic;
    sublime; proud; haughty. See {Tall}.

    1. It may seem like a joke that tiny states, surviving largely on the sale of postage stamps or on quirky tax laws attracting visitors to cheap, duty-free shopping, take their place in such a lofty forum.
    2. Admittedly, the rate decline has been from extraordinarily lofty levels to ones that by early post-World War II standards still seem high.
    3. President Bill Clinton received two letters last week illustrating the gulf between lofty free trade goals and political reality. One was sent by the new House Republican leadership.
    4. After Friday's stock-price decline of 87.5 cents a share to $15.75, Citicorp's shares yield more than 11%, not as lofty as Chemical's 16% yield or Manufacturers Hanover's 14.26%.
    5. But surely neither acts of desperation nor lofty removal from dealing with the reality of the Arab-Israeli conflict can address Palestinian nationalism in a meaningful, non-violent way.
    6. Noting innovations such as the company's recent efforts to add discount grocery operations to some of its Wal-Mart outlets, Mr. Whyte added that he would not be surprised if Wal-Mart achieved the lofty goals laid out by its chairman and founder.
    7. Like the legislatures of Warsaw and East Berlin, the lofty rotunda was once where aging Communist hard-liners listened to interminable speeches and rubber-stamped legislation.
    8. Bush enunciated lofty goals for a U.S. space program fallen on harder times since its Apollo glory days.
    9. However, most share the belief that the Bush administration has sent U.S. troops to the region for cheap oil, rather than for any lofty ideal such as creating a stable world order.
    10. And, like a growing number of people who started firms to achieve a social or environmental goal, he has discovered that it takes more than just a good heart to put lofty ideas into practice.
    11. Several stock markets look rather perilous." As has been demonstrated in the past, a popular closed-end fund can keep trading at lofty premiums for a long time.
    12. Mr. Stillman preferred to explore the city from the lofty insularity of the ruling class.
    13. But some grass-roots organizers maintain that smokers, an increasingly blue-collar market, aren't likely to be swayed by lofty rhetoric about the Constitution.
    14. Indeed, all it has to show for its lofty plans to become a major player in aerospace is an office in one of Taipei's most desirable buildings, an empty factory in the central Taiwanese city of Taichung and a couple of dozen employees.
    15. The perpetually dreaming Mr. Sullivan periodically lectures his kids about the importance of lofty goals; that's why he makes movies even though he can't pay the bills.
    16. But to judge by the success that France's lofty rhetoric seems to enjoy, London ought to be sending its brighter young diplomats off to the grandes ecoles for a refresher course on Descartes and Voltaire.
    17. The desire to lock in some of the lofty stock market gains is strong for equity portfolio managers.
    18. That's a powerful turnaround from the minus 11.08% in 1990, even with the lofty 16.3% yields junk mutual funds offered in 1990.
    19. Unlike lofty Elgar, Vaughan Williams derived much inspiration from English folk songs, which he tracked down with the tenacity of a ferret.
    20. A company which once had the lofty ambition to pay Pounds 2bn for Storehouse can surely do better in explaining itself.
    21. George Bush sought in the lofty cadences of his inaugural address to move finally from a partisan playing on national divisions to a president governing a nation "made whole." Bush had said his speech would be scant on specifics.
    22. Many are even born with names that translate to lofty titles such as "Treasure of China" or "Universal Versatility."
    23. Last week he became an adviser to the newly-formed European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in London. Sometimes, he implies, his energy level seems too high for the lofty position he now occupies.
    24. Mr. Mays describes the area of lofty, jagged peaks, alpine meadows and lakes as one of the few places in America where solitude and an unchanged land can still be experienced.
    25. At the top of the $21-$24 range first proposed, Allen wanted investors to pay a similarly lofty multiple of current cash flow for Coke Enterprises.
    26. I know we're at a lofty price-earnings multiple, but we have been" for a long time.
    27. Although the shares trade at a lofty 33 times 1991 estimates, thus far, T2 (pronounced T-squared) has more than lived up to expectations.
    28. When Ron Blackstone quit his corporate job four years ago to buy a Wendy's restaurant on this city's South Side, he had lofty dreams.
    29. She called the trip "a beautiful challenge" and described other "nice experiences, even lofty" as the wife of the leader of the Polish opposition.
    30. Even so, White House advisers are working on a series of ideas, new policy initiatives and lofty language for Bush's second formal address to a joint session of Congress on the nation's well-being.
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