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 enthusiastically [ɪn`θjuzɪ'æstɪkl.ɪ]   添加此单词到默认生词本
ad. 热心地, 狂热地

  1. The audience clapped (her/her speech) enthusiastically.
  2. After a few minutes' silence, they perked up and argued enthusiastically again.
  3. After a few minutes silence, they perked up and argued enthusiastically again.

[ adv ]
  1. with enthusiasm; in an enthusiastic manner

  2. <adv.all>
    they discussed the question enthusiastically
  3. in a lavish or enthusiastic manner

  4. <adv.all>
    he extolled her virtues sky-high

Enthusiastic \En*thu`si*as"tic\, Enthusiastical
\En*thu`si*as"tic*al\, a. [Gr. ? .]
Filled with enthusiasm; characterized by enthusiasm; zealous;
as, an enthusiastic lover of art. ``Enthusiastical
raptures.'' --Calamy. -- {En*thu`si*as"tic*al*ly}, adv.

A young man . . . of a visionary and enthusiastic
character. --W. Irving.

  1. The idea to fast 24 hours in support of the hostages was conceived by Buffalo Area Metropolitan Ministries and was adopted enthusiastically by Peggy Say, Anderson's sister and the leader of efforts to free the hostages.
  2. Initially lukewarm to the idea of parental choice when it comes to their child's school, Cavazos has since enthusiastically embaced what has become the centerpiece of Bush's education initiative.
  3. This is golf immobiliere, golf to sell houses.' With his tongue not too far into his cheek he says enthusiastically: 'The world is full of people waiting for Vidauban.
  4. We can now ship chemicals from Wales to Italy in an enormously less complicated way. 'The Maastricht treaty brings no specific cost benefit for businesses, therefore it has been less enthusiastically greeted.
  5. Several firms, including Dean Witter Reynolds Inc. and Shearson Lehman Brothers Inc., have been enthusiastically promoting municipal bonds to individual investors across the country.
  6. But consider this: Investors who enthusiastically bought one-year bull-market CDs during last summer's stock market euphoria are now stuck with zero-yielding investments that they can't get out of before maturity next summer.
  7. The operating earnings exceeded analysts' expectations and the stock market reacted enthusiastically.
  8. And I am enthusiastically for him, and I'm not even familiar with the details of the amendment." Polls show the race between Williams and Democrat Ann Richards is too close to call.
  9. But I'll have a shot at them here as we get into the - depending how warmed up I get today, campaigning enthusiastically for Governor Martinez.
  10. Although the Soviets, too, reacted enthusiastically to President Bush's proposals, they will treat them as only the first step in a new round of arms-control negotiations.
  11. But on Friday, the only lawmakers to respond enthusiastically were from small ethnic groups who themselves complain of discrimination within the republics.
  12. Whatever went wrong, "it certainly wasn't from a lack of publicity," said the man noted for enthusiastically berating guests, including skinheads, feminists and homosexuals.
  13. Analysts reacted enthusiastically to Chiquita's plan. "Their biggest problem is supply," said Timothy Ramey, an analyst at County NatWest USA.
  14. But the Pta800bn spent on Andalucia and Seville is greeted less enthusiastically.
  15. Cradling an empty computer box, he talks enthusiastically to a visitor about the importance of package design, cleanliness and the optimal spot for an inventory sticker.
  16. Even though the Treasury's new estimate of the 1993-94 public sector borrowing requirement, at Pounds 50bn, was higher than earlier estimates, the market responded enthusiastically.
  17. Mr. Kudlow also reacted enthusiastically to a speech Thursday by Reserve Board Vice Chairman Manuel Johnson offering more clues to the Fed's monetary strategy.
  18. The audience enthusiastically provides lots more quacks to accompany Raffi as he sings "Five Little Ducks."
  19. Adds an electronics specialist at a major U.S. university, who also asked that his name not be printed, "He champions what he does very enthusiastically.
  20. In the 1960s, the Duncan Report recommended that Britain's embassies abroad downgrade classic diplomatic activities in favour of export promotion, a view enthusiastically accepted by the Wilson government.
  21. Arriving at the Wiesbaden hospital, Reed gave the "thumbs-up" sign and smiled to reporters, waving with both hands enthusiastically to about 170 military and medical personnel gathered on hospital balconies.
  22. Noriega enthusiastically joined in the effort to help the Contras, apparently betting that his cooperation would encourage U.S. officials to turn a blind eye to evidence that he was involved in narcotics trafficking, money laundering and gun running.
  23. Investors responded enthusiastically to Kohlberg Kravis's anouncement.
  24. Investors greeted the deal enthusiastically.
  25. Sen. Bentsen's pitch was followed by a statement of support by Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell (D., Maine), and, according to Sen. Bentsen, both were received enthusiastically by their colleagues.
  26. He had said he was 'enthusiastically and unequivocally' in favour of seeing more passenger and freight traffic travelling by rail. Mr Rifkind's critics point out that he failed to translate that desire into reality.
  27. Suggestions for "polluter pays" taxation have been enthusiastically supported by the libertarian end of the British Conservative Party, just as in North America.
  28. But if the government scrapped the Group Areas Act, "it would lose its constituency." Racism is practiced most enthusiastically by extreme-right whites, who Thursday launched a whites-only rugby league.
  29. Mr. Lewis, in a statement, said he "enthusiastically recommended" Mr. Lerner's election because it "appropriately reflects the importance of Mr. Lerner's responsibility for the company's financial strategy and investments."
  30. They enthusiastically support the bill, even in its earlier, more monstrous forms.
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