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 enthusiast [in'θju:ziæst]   添加此单词到默认生词本
n. 热心家, 狂热者, 爱好者

  1. A film or movie enthusiast.
  2. A hockey enthusiast.
  3. A horseracing enthusiast, especially one who watches races at the outer rail of the track.

[ noun ]
  1. an ardent and enthusiastic supporter of some person or activity

  2. <noun.person>
  3. a person having a strong liking for something

  4. <noun.person>

Enthusiast \En*thu"si*ast\, n. [Gr. ?: cf. F. enthousiaste.]
One moved or actuated by enthusiasm; as:
(a) One who imagines himself divinely inspired, or possessed
of some special revelation; a religious madman; a
(b) One whose mind is wholly possessed and heated by what
engages it; one who is influenced by a peculiar; fervor
of mind; an ardent and imaginative person.

Enthusiasts soon understand each other. --W.

Syn: Visionary; fanatic; devotee; zealot.

  1. The airplane enthusiast was riding a bicycle after renewing his membership at the Experimental Aircraft Association Tuesday when he lost his wallet.
  2. Today, flinging the contents of a spreader would probably be challenged by some clean-air enthusiast.
  3. Peter Middleton, the chief executive of Lloyd's of London and renowned motorbike enthusiast, has been making good use of biking jargon.
  4. She counts herself "a Joyce fanatic," and has been an enthusiast since the day at Hollywood High School when she realized that her English teacher's fairly demanding reading list pointedly omitted "Ulysses."
  5. At the same time C4 repeats the episode of Inspector Morse in which the Jag driving ale enthusiast investigates the death of a deaconess. BBC1's Inside Story penetrates the murky world of prostitution in the Paddington area of London (9.30).
  6. But after all, not even the biggest enthusiast for the bonds ever argued that every deal financed by them would succeed, or that excesses were impossible.
  7. Mr. Wien is a growth stock enthusiast, but he also has one third of his portfolio dedicated to economically sensitive issues, such as Ford and Fluor.
  8. 'I found being a Christian fun; it also helped me stop feeling guilty about money and to thank God for it.' The investment trust enthusiast was spoilt for choice in the last quarter of 1993.
  9. Scuba-diving enthusiast Dodd, who is off to spend the first four months of his retirement submerged in the Caribbean, drew attention before he left to the undesirability of chief executives boasting good golf handicaps.
  10. "We highly encourage the neighborhood yard sale enthusiast to come out and make a bid on anything they may want," Ms. Pagni said.
  11. Mr. Palmer is a Lauder enthusiast: "Ronald Lauder and this stage of Eastern European history are made for each other," he says in his Berlin office.
  12. Rick Mongene, 18, of Pontiac is a pickup pink enthusiast.
  13. Even as his charisma fades,he still stands out among the grey men at the top of Britain's unions. As a former Scargill enthusiast, Routledge describes his pacy book as 'a voyage of disillusion'.
  14. The Forbes collection was one of the largest of Faberge eggs and there was concern at Sotheby's that his death last year had removed the biggest enthusiast.
  15. Dad was Sam Sr., a construction executive and water-ski enthusiast who died last September.
  16. Mr. Najork, who had been a Nifty Fifty enthusiast, became a low P-E convert.
  17. I can't even think with a paper and pencil anymore," said Jeffrey Greene, a laptop enthusiast who works in the Philadelphia office of Hay Group Inc., a Washington-based personnel consulting firm.
  18. A lifelong bullfight enthusiast, the count left the army to take over the family farm when his father died in 1954.
  19. From the point of view of the enthusiast, virtually all anthologies suffer from the same incurable defect. It lies in the combination of diversity and insubstantiality.
  20. Roberts, a model airplane enthusiast for 30 years, also flies gyrocopters, ultra-lights and is getting his pilot's license.
  21. Ms. Fonda, who has made a career both as a film actress and physical fitness enthusiast, offered the apology for her excesses as a 1960s anti-war activist on ABC-TV's "20-20" news program this summer.
  22. A lifelong gun enthusiast, MacNutt says the measure would unfairly punish those who have legally and responsibly owned guns for years.
  23. WASHINGTON _ Digital audio tape recording _ the home taping enthusiast's dream and the music industry's worst nightmare _ finally is here.
  24. "We highly encourage the neighborhood yard sale enthusiast to come out and make a bid on anything they may want," said Internal Revenue Service manager Dierdre Pagni.
  25. But Greg Long, a Beetle enthusiast and entrepreneur in Toronto, thinks he may have found a way around the problem.
  26. 'They're not just for the enthusiast with a boat.
  27. The bodyshells are produced by British Motor Heritage, a subsidiary of Rover Group set up four years ago to supply remanufactured MGB bodies to the enthusiast aftermarket. The MG name remains extremely valuable to Rover, particularly in North America.
  28. Hutchins, a scuba diving enthusiast, will join him in Atlanta where she's hoping to find work in underwater photography.
  29. In high altitude hunting the enthusiast is allowed to drive only to a certain height; thereafter he must search for and track the animals on foot - no mean task in the craggy and dangerous Alps.
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