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 dumb [dʌm]   添加此单词到默认生词本
a. 哑的, 不说话的, 无声音的

[医] 哑的

  1. We were struck dumb with horror and grief.
  2. The man is as dumb as an oyster.
  3. He was struck dumb by her sharp question.

[ adj ]
  1. slow to learn or understand; lacking intellectual acuity

  2. <adj.all>
    so dense he never understands anything I say to him
    never met anyone quite so dim
    although dull at classical learning, at mathematics he was uncommonly quick
    dumb officials make some really dumb decisions
    he was either normally stupid or being deliberately obtuse
    worked with the slow students
  3. temporarily incapable of speaking

  4. <adj.all>
    struck dumb
    speechless with shock
  5. lacking the power of human speech

  6. <adj.all>
    dumb animals
  7. unable to speak because of hereditary deafness

  8. <adj.all>

Dumb \Dumb\, v. t.
To put to silence. [Obs.] --Shak.

Dumb \Dumb\, a. [AS. dumb; akin to D. dom stupid, dumb, Sw.
dumb, Goth. dumbs; cf. Gr. ? blind. See {Deaf}, and cf.
1. Destitute of the power of speech; unable; to utter
articulate sounds; as, the dumb brutes.

To unloose the very tongues even of dumb creatures.

2. Not willing to speak; mute; silent; not speaking; not
accompanied by words; as, dumb show.

This spirit, dumb to us, will speak to him. --Shak.

To pierce into the dumb past. -- J. C.

3. Lacking brightness or clearness, as a color. [R.]

Her stern was painted of a dumb white or dun color.
--De Foe.

{Deaf and dumb}. See {Deaf-mute}.

{Dumb ague}, or {Dumb chill}, a form of intermittent fever
which has no well-defined ``chill.'' [U.S.]

{Dumb animal}, any animal except man; -- usually restricted
to a domestic quadruped; -- so called in contradistinction
to man, who is a ``speaking animal.''

{Dumb cake}, a cake made in silence by girls on St. Mark's
eve, with certain mystic ceremonies, to discover their
future husbands. --Halliwell.

{Dumb cane} (Bot.), a west Indian plant of the Arum family
({Dieffenbachia seguina}), which, when chewed, causes the
tongue to swell, and destroys temporarily the power of

{Dumb crambo}. See under {crambo}.

{Dumb show}.
(a) Formerly, a part of a dramatic representation, shown
in pantomime. ``Inexplicable dumb shows and noise.''
(b) Signs and gestures without words; as, to tell a story
in dumb show.

{To strike dumb}, to confound; to astonish; to render silent
by astonishment; or, it may be, to deprive of the power of

Syn: Silent; speechless; noiseless. See {Mute}.

  1. "Well, then, why don't we just close those dumb, dumb schools," Cavazos told reporters gathered for a breakfast briefing.
  2. "Well, then, why don't we just close those dumb, dumb schools," Cavazos told reporters gathered for a breakfast briefing.
  3. Employees are not that dumb.
  4. "FERRIS BUELLER" (premieres Sept. 17): This is a half-hour tribute to the proposition that anybody can write a realllllllly dumb sitcom.
  5. So, sometimes I play dumb."
  6. "I was in the back seat the whole way," he said. "I was dressed as an Arab, playing deaf and dumb." Hawkins said he crossed into Jordan after walking about six miles through the desert.
  7. While fashionable during the past few decades, these and other attempts to "dumb down" public education have failed to help the teacher in the classroom.
  8. There's low comedy, high camp and just about every type of dumb joke in between.
  9. The others appeared struck dumb by the wisdom of what the Caparo chief executive had had to say -Daniel had silenced the lions.
  10. "The government cannot act as if were deaf, dumb and blind in the face of this massive protest," said Manuel Carvalho da Silva, a leader of the Communist-dominated General Confederation of Portuguese Workers.
  11. He began crying and saying, "I'm stuck in a dumb series." And then Laura Palmer herself appeared.
  12. A Fujitsu spokesman said the firm hasn't announced any plans for laptop sales in the U.S. But he added, "We aren't dumb.
  13. Still, Mr. Robinson does seem to go out of his way to paint King Fahd as a benighted figure too dumb to bask in the radiance of his glowingly intelligent minister.
  14. He concedes that some of Mr. Ezell's comments have been "dumb" or "inappropriate," but he says that "it's a heck of a lot better to have to pull the reins in rather than hit the mule to get him running."
  15. "An industry that is already in trouble with its public relations should have its head examined for doing something so dumb," says Peggy Charren, who heads Action for Children's Television.
  16. When a rival, Pierre du Pont, pointedly told him that "selling arms to Iranian moderates is dumb and nutty," Mr. Bush defended the notion of seeking an opening with Iranian moderates.
  17. In "Scepticism and Animal Faith," Santayana wrote: "Good and evil, in a dumb unquestioned immediacy, exist for the beasts.
  18. "He is not a dumb man.
  19. Robots can paint cars, salvage nuclear fuel and even assist in brain surgery, but they're still pretty dumb.
  20. This is dumb."' "We don't condone it," said Mrs. Porter, a volunteer in the Citrus County Parent-Teacher Association who headed the PTA Council for more than six years and served on school advisory and study committees.
  21. Eddie Mahe, a Republican campaign consultant, puts it even more bluntly: "I can't think of a single politician who'd be dumb enough to want to support anything that had anything to do with Iran."
  22. The rock opera, with its muddled story line about a deaf, dumb and blind kid who's cured and becomes a rock celebrity, was first performed in London in 1969.
  23. While watching the television news recently, Brazilians were struck dumb by the image of a vacationer in Bermuda shorts being menaced by the populace at a tranquil beach resort in the picturesque south of the country.
  24. Steven Thorne, a partner in the Chicago office of accounting firm Arthur Andersen & Co., warns that the code's complexity, coupled with the shifting tax landscape, is breeding a contemptuous taxpayer attitude: "This is a dumb rule.
  25. LOOKING FOR A JOB during the holiday season isn't such a dumb idea, says Costello, Erdlen & Co. Employment activity slackens in December, but companies running ads now "are serious about filling their openings immediately," the consultant explains.
  26. Instead of writing a script, the animators transfer ideas from a two or three-page outline to scenes on a storyboard, adding action and dumb stunts as they draw.
  27. Television Marti "is a dumb idea," says John Nichols, a Pennsylvania State University expert on Cuban broadcasting.
  28. Selection committees should abandon readability formulas that "dumb material down."
  29. The Navy's Mr. Lindahl insists that the Navy itself would object "if we do anything dumb that makes it appear that we cooked the numbers or didn't play fair."
  30. "I didn't spend hardly any money," said Luehr. "I didn't have any money to spend, not on this dumb pagoda anyway." Luehr's talent for frugal construction has been with him all his life.
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