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 creating 添加此单词到默认生词本
[计] 生成的

  1. Just as writing a fiction, programming is a process of creating art.
  2. The art of creating or decorating objects of wood by carving with a sharp, hand-held tool.
  3. And, if a beachhead of cooperation may push back the jungle of suspicion, let both sides join in creating a new endeavor not a new balance of power but a new world of law, where the strong are just, and the weak secured, and t

Create \Cre*ate"\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Created}; p. pr. & vb.
n. {Creating}.]
1. To bring into being; to form out of nothing; to cause to

In the beginning, God created the heaven and the
earth. --Gen. i. 1.

2. To effect by the agency, and under the laws, of causation;
to be the occasion of; to cause; to produce; to form or
fashion; to renew.

Your eye in Scotland
Would create soldiers. --Shak.

Create in me a clean heart. --Ps. li. 10.

3. To invest with a new form, office, or character; to
constitute; to appoint; to make; as, to create one a peer.
``I create you companions to our person.'' --Shak.

  1. But earlier heavy issuance of Remic deals that settle in December is creating a groundswell of demand for the securities that back those offerings.
  2. That 51% majority for sharp restrictions dropped by three points in a post Webster survey of the same respondents a month later, creating a 48-48 split between those who favored the status quo and those who favored restrictions.
  3. Also this week, the House gave final congressional approval to legislation creating a congressional panel to investigate the eight-month-old strike against Eastern, a measure the Bush administration has threatened to veto.
  4. Instead, Boskin has proposed creating a two-tiered pension system and additional incentives for more private savings for retirement.
  5. The 1970 legislation creating the "independent" Postal Service called for an agency with the freedom of a public corporation to run its affairs in a businesslike manner and pay wages comparable to those in industry and the rest of government.
  6. Traders said signs of weakness in the West German economy are creating speculation of a German discount-rate cut sometime today.
  7. Kantor was known for creating dynamic, inventive theater based on historical and personal themes.
  8. The dummy trades, they asserted, distorted the market by creating a false impression of trading activity.
  9. "This is a contest, this is a fight," says Don Sipple of Sipple Strategic Communications in Washington, one of three political consultants creating the current crop of Bush ads.
  10. For instance, a spate of new paper machines ordered in 1987 or 1988 are just coming into production, creating surplus capacity for many types of paper.
  11. Mr Blair has already made the elision between acceptance of a dynamic market economy and a role for government in creating the conditions for economic success and social stability.
  12. After three more outages, technicians set about creating a Jaws-proof sheath.
  13. Companies that offer signing bonuses run the risk of creating dissension among managers who don't receive such enticements.
  14. The fun is creating it, not living in it.
  15. What is cheap about creating a national dependence on long-distance transport?
  16. In return, the plan mumbled something about creating 60,000 new college apprenticeships. The unions quickly labelled this the most severe attack ever by an elected government on organised labour.
  17. Crane is the one recognized motivating force in creating the new Conrail," said W. Glenn Cameron, vice president transportation research at Moseley Securities Corp., an investment banking firm in New York.
  18. The Sweet Sue of the title is a divorced artist in her forties who supports herself and her three children by creating cards for Hallmark.
  19. The U.S. in particular recalls the late 1970s when a Latin American producer cartel, known as the "Bogota Group," played havoc with coffee importers by creating artificial shortages and driving prices up.
  20. The DAT recorders also are creating a stir because major record companies want consumer-electronics makers to install computer chips in the machines to prevent users from taping the high-quality compact disks.
  21. Another appointment was of Martin Bangemann, former West German economics minister, to be in charge of the internal market with the goal of creating a single marketplace free of barriers by the end of 1992.
  22. The idea of a vaccine is to spur the body into creating the right kind of antibodies ahead of time, so they are lying in wait when the virus shows up.
  23. Hal Johnson, vice president at Korn/Ferry International Inc., and a former head of human resources at two major companies, remembers many times when he called on the carpet someone whose workplace affair was creating problems.
  24. A government poll recently indicated that 85 percent of those surveyed believed the administration's top priority should be creating jobs for youths.
  25. She had lied about her age and background, creating a whole new persona so that she could start fresh and support herself, the lawyer said.
  26. Truth TV relies heavily on phone calls from the public, adding to the drama and immediacy of the broadcast but also creating potential risks.
  27. Not long after creating six Securities and Commodities Fraud Task Forces, Mr. Thornburgh decided to disband the long-standing Organized Crime Strike Forces.
  28. That means forming a bigger City Council, changing the mayor's duties and responsibilities and creating new ways to award contracts, approve the budget and myriad other procedures.
  29. The legislation's main critics, the unions, accuse the government of creating 'junk jobs' and are planning a 24-hour general strike next month. But the government is determined to push its reforms through.
  30. The aim of the ABM treaty is to prevent either side from creating a nationwide protective network, under the theory that neither side would launch a nuclear attack if there was a possibility of devastating retaliation.
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