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 confining [kən'fainiŋ添加此单词到默认生词本
限制的; 拘束的; 狭窄的; 偏狭的

  1. A fenced enclosure for confining bulls.
  2. An enclosure for confining livestock.

[ adj ]
  1. restricting the scope or freedom of action

  2. <adj.all>
  3. crowded

  4. <adj.all>
    close quarters

Confine \Con*fine"\ (k[o^]n*f[imac]n"), v. t. [imp. & p. p.
{Confined}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Confining}.] [F. confiner to
border upon, LL. confinare to set bounds to; con- + finis
boundary, end. See {Final}, {Finish}.]
To restrain within limits; to restrict; to limit; to bound;
to shut up; to inclose; to keep close.

Now let not nature's hand
Keep the wild flood confined! let order die! --Shak.

He is to confine himself to the compass of numbers and
the slavery of rhyme. --Dryden.

{To be confined}, to be in childbed.

Syn: To bound; limit; restrain; imprison; immure; inclose;
circumscribe; restrict.

  1. He was supported by Mr David Winnick, the Labour MP for Walsall North, who said confining membership of such a body to privy councillors would be 'a form of apartheid'.
  2. Unless we're to be bedevilled for ever, we have to break out of our purblind ignorance. The only way to do that is to stop proudly confining our educational attention to what we do know, and start humbly marking out what we don't know.
  3. They have agreed to steer clear of fixed-rate equity deals for now, instead confining underwriting to convertible bonds and warrants, which allow investors to buy stocks without the obligation to commit cash to the market immediately.
  4. Israeli troops today enforced curfews in the occupied lands, confining 1.5 million people to their homes, and Palestinians observed a general strike to protest the killing of seven Arabs by an Israeli civilian.
  5. Unlike Gumede, Ntuli was under a restriction order confining him to his house at night.
  6. Soldiers imposed a curfew on the entire Gaza Strip, shouting through megaphones they would fire on those who violated the order confining all 650,000 Palestinians to their homes, residents reported.
  7. If so, could the name of a dish be culturally protected despite the present rules confining protection quite strictly to geographical origin? These riddles may prove simple compared with those resulting from the partial implementation of the treaty.
  8. We cannot begin to solve the problems of the homeless mentally ill either by indiscriminately defending their right to survive on the streets or by indiscriminately confining them without the resources to provide decent care and treatment.
  9. More than a dozen towns and refugee camps and towns were under curfew, confining 350,000 people to their homes, said the army spokesman's office.
  10. Continuing bearish sentiment based on the large U.S. trade deficit is seen limiting the dollar's upward potential, however, confining it to a narrow trading range.
  11. This limits the scope for driving deals, confining many regional players to playing second fiddle in syndicates. Mr Diggines, however, has been able to take the lead with a freedom denied to many of his counterparts.
  12. But with age confining her more to the art studio, she has begun experimenting with new techniques such as tilt-top painting.
  13. In response to escalating attacks on Israelis and growing public pressure, the Israeli government this week cracked down on Palestinians from the Gaza Strip, preventing them from traveling to work in Israel and confining them to their homes.
  14. As the presidential election drew closer, the People's Liberation Front stopped confining its attacks to government employees and began targeting members of opposition parties competing in the election.
  15. An around-the-clock curfew confining people to their homes was lifted temporarily this morning.
  16. The army ordered a curfew on the camp after the funeral, confining the 5,000 residents to their homes.
  17. Two big Canadian law firms said they agreed to a merger that upsets a tradition of confining law firms to a single province.
  18. Soldiers maintained a curfew on the occupied West Bank city of Nablus, confining nearly all its 120,000 residents indoors for a seventh straight day.
  19. "The family," reflects their daughter, "is as confining as it is nurturing.
  20. "They're also building a permanent guard post and adding fencing and razor wire because they want it to look more confining, and that only adds to our security," he said.
  21. They had once rented a condo, but found it too confining and noisy.
  22. The government proposed a relaxation of its stringent secrecy laws by decriminalizing trivial leaks, giving journalists more legal protection and confining secrecy to defense, intelligence and foreign affairs.
  23. The worst confrontations Wednesday occurred in the Gaza Strip, where Arab doctors said 28 Palestinians were wounded despite curfews confining 320,000 residents of eight refugee camps, areas of Gaza City and Beit Hanoun village to their homes.
  24. Krishnan caused stress among one group by closely confining them for periods of time over several days.
  25. The army clamped curfews on seven West Bank towns and refugee camps, confining 65,000 Palestinians to their homes.
  26. The curfew, confining Palestinians in the occupied territories to their homes, was maintained for a sixth straight day following violent protests over the assassination of PLO military leader Khalil Wazir.
  27. Though three good-sized adults might find it confining, two adults would be in decent shape.
  28. A pension fund which kept all its equity assets in the UK would be akin to a Norwich-based fund confining its investments to Norfolk. There may be practical difficulties, however.
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