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 certificate [sә'tifikeit]   添加此单词到默认生词本
n. 证书, 证明书

vt. 发给证明书, 用证书批准, 用证书证明

[医] 证明[书], 证件

[经] 签证, 证书, 牌照

  1. The driver's certificate was suspended by the police.
  2. She's going in for the Cambridge First Certificate.
  3. A certificate conferring a privilege or honor.

[ noun ]
  1. a document attesting to the truth of certain stated facts

  2. <noun.communication>
  3. a formal declaration that documents a fact of relevance to finance and investment; the holder has a right to receive interest or dividends

  4. <noun.possession>
    he held several valuable securities
[ verb ]
  1. present someone with a certificate

  2. <verb.possession>
  3. authorize by certificate

  4. <verb.communication>

Certificate \Cer*tif"i*cate\, n. [F. certificat, fr. LL.
certificatus made certain, p. p. of certificare. See {tify}.]
1. A written testimony to the truth of any fact; as,
certificate of good behavior.

2. A written declaration legally authenticated.

{Trial by certificate}, a trial which the testimony of the
person certifying is the only proper criterion of the
point in dispute; as, when the issue is whether a person
was absent in the army, this is tried by the certificate
of the proper officer in writing, under his seal.

Certificate \Cer*tif"i*cate\, v. t. [imp. & p. p.
{Certificated}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Certificating}.] [See
1. To verify or vouch for by certificate.

2. To furnish with a certificate; as, to certificate the
captain of a vessel; a certificated teacher.

  1. Shortly after the deposit was made, the businessman transferred the money out of Credit Suisse and invested it in a certificate of deposit at a second Swiss bank, where it has accumulated an estimated $253,000 in interest, Mr. Belnick said.
  2. I don't think it's our error, though." Neither the boy nor his family has a copy of his birth certificate.
  3. Pan Am had gates, takeoff and landing slots and a fleet, but no organization, operating certificate or trained employees for the shuttle when Mr. Nobles took the job.
  4. Judges must then review that certificate and compare it against their financial records to make sure they do not have an interest.
  5. Root, whose Washington communications law firm filed for bankruptcy after the July 13 incident, said he would turn in his certificate as ordered.
  6. It plans dividend boosts of 6.5% to 66 francs a share and to 33 francs a participation certificate.
  7. When the piggy bank reached 5,000 yen, the holder could swap it for an investment trust certificate.
  8. But when the doctor candidly listed "unnatural death" on the death certificate, he had to undergo four separate police interrogations and dangled for 13 months before being told he wouldn't be prosecuted.
  9. A judge on Wednesday directed Kansas officials to issue a new birth certificate for 39-year-old Mary Christine Walker, who was born in Great Bend, Kan.
  10. Carl Zeiss Co. also was upgraded from a prior certificate for the design and development of a series of super-speed lenses.
  11. These are heavily subsidized by federal and state governments, helping to create a demand for the GED certificate.
  12. In the next few days, Mr. Gallo said he will take some money from a home-equity loan and place it in a guaranteed, cash-type investment, such as a certificate of deposit or something with tax advantages.
  13. Each of the new "princes of the church," wearing crimson vestments and a golden cross, then went up to the stage to receive their certificate from Casaroli.
  14. Tony Broderick, head of regulation and certification for the Federal Aviation Administration, said Northeast Jet, operating as Personal Jet Services, met rigorous FAA qualifications to gain a new certificate.
  15. "Furthermore, the committee recognizes that the campaign certificate of deposit in question is no longer encumbered, due to restrictions placed on it in connection with your personal financial dealings."
  16. He said WerBell's death certificate lists heart disease and congestive heart failure as the causes of death.
  17. When a maintenance certificate is suspended, the airline is prohibited from doing work at the facility until deficiencies are corrected.
  18. Without it, the film would have qualified for a family audience certificate, and been characterised as a Disney type production.
  19. Mrs. Defensor-Santiago made the offer conditional on Hsu obtaining a certificate from the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees attesting to his political refugee status.
  20. Transportation officials announced a program to identify and prosecute pilots who fail to declare drug or alcohol-related convictions on their medical certificate applications.
  21. The agency revoked the air transport certificate of John Henry Gilfoil, a resident of Los Altos, Calif., an FAA spokesman said.
  22. A bearer bond carries no owner's name on the issuer's books and no name on the certificate.
  23. What's the risk of buying a certificate of deposit from an institution that could be closed or forced into a merger with a financially stronger one?
  24. Simpson was shot in the head with his service revolver, but Silva's death certificate conflicts with the initial police version of how he was killed.
  25. She was given a certificate of membership in the Royal Order of Mothers of Twins from Ellen Patrick, president of the Mothers of Twins "Plus" Club.
  26. Each 50,000 mark bond contains one certificate with 50 warrants attached exercisable under the same terms.
  27. Earlier, USAir also had amended its certificate of incorporation to require that holders of 80% of its shares, instead of half, approve any acquisition in which the acquirer fails to follow certain procedural requirements.
  28. One document seized from Mr. Schmitz's office is an end-user certificate from Kenya's Defense Ministry, although an official in Nairobi denies knowledge of the deal.
  29. Glenn Schaab, president of AvAir, said that airline surrendered its certificate to the FAA in June, but the action had "absolutely nothing" to do with the impending FAA inspection of the financially struggling carrier.
  30. Wilkinson said he has none of the symptoms of AIDS itself and has been healthy since his medical certificate was lifted.
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