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 Duluth [də'lu:θ]   添加此单词到默认生词本

    [ noun ]
    a city in northeast Minnesota on Lake Superior

    1. Eldon Kirsch, District 33 president of the United Steelworkers of America in Duluth, said the rebound has been made possible by wage concessions and job consolidation.
    2. But, Mr. Doja says, there's also growing interest from more off-beat enterprises, such as a fresh crayfish company in Duluth that ships to Sweden.
    3. More than a foot of snow fell Saturday in sections of northern and central Minnesota, and it was whipped up by 50 mph wind that closed the Duluth airport for six hours.
    4. He said the USS Boulder still will dock in Duluth on July 21 so people can tour the ship.
    5. Eighty U.S. Forest Service firefighters from Wisconsin and Michigan arrived in Duluth on Sunday and were dispatched to fire zones, said Thomas Kroll at the Fire Center.
    6. Minnesota Power & Light Co., Duluth, said it agreed to sell a 20% stake in its Clay Boswell Unit 4 coal-fired plant to Wisconsin Public Power Inc. System.
    7. Four years ago, Gastler let his students at Denfeld High School burn his tacky green leisure suit in exchange for their leading a drive that raised $3,300 to help fight hunger in Duluth and Ethiopia.
    8. "That he survived under the conditions he lived _ that was more a miracle than anything else," she says. "He traveled from L'Anse to Duluth, Minn., on snowshoes.
    9. Williams, Duluth, Ga., is an insurance and financial-services holding company.
    10. Sgt. John Hartley, 44, who was shot in the arm and chest in the Monday night incident, underwent surgery and was in stable condition at a Duluth hospital, Miletich said.
    11. He later worked for Ridder newspapers in Duluth and St. Paul, Minn., and served as publisher of the Post-Tribune in Gary, Ind.
    12. The ruling Monday by District Judge Jack Litman cancels the damages awarded by a jury to former Carlton County Attorney Donald Diesen three weeks earlier after a nine-day trial in his lawsuit against the Duluth News-Tribune.
    13. The Marines will storm Duluth this summer after all.
    14. He can't say for sure whether she would have survived the valve fracture had she come straight to Duluth.
    15. Barometric readings of 30.98 inches at Chicago, 31 inches at Milwaukee and 31.05 inches at Duluth, Minn., established all-time records for those locations.
    16. June 9 The Duluth (Minn.) News-Tribune on the GOP memo about Foley: Mark Goodin is jobless today, but leaves behind him at the Republican National Committee what has become an increasingly valuable political commodity: Deniability.
    17. The ruling, involving mine workers in Duluth, Minn., suggests that such claims can now be brought by large groups of female workers.
    18. Jan. 8 The Duluth (Minn.) News-Tribune on federal pay raises: Silence from this carping corner as Congress moved inexorably toward a 50 percent pay hike for itself may have seemed tacit acceptance of its wisdom _ or inevitability.
    19. "There were about ten minutes worth of (normal) fireworks, then all of a sudden it seemed like it exploded on the ground," said Chris Maddy of Duluth radio station KDAL.
    20. Temperatures around the nation at 3 a.m. EDT ranged from 20 degrees in Duluth, Minn., to 87 degrees in Phoenix and Glendale, Ariz.
    21. April 22 The Duluth (Minn.) News-Tribune on the Supreme Court's alcoholism decision: Everybody knows that if you want a medical opinion, you go to a doctor, and not a lawyer.
    22. The 12,000 tons of sisal twine was bound for Duluth and then to upper Midwest farmers to tie bales of hay, an executive said.
    23. What's his name?" Cash said he was passing through Duluth on his way to a concert when somebody asked whether he wanted to meet a candidate for governor.
    24. Duluth's normal high for Feb. 5 is 19 degrees.
    25. March 2 Duluth (Minn.) News-Tribune on foreign searches: What kind of message does the United States send to the rest of the world when we allow agents of our government to do things in other countries that wouldn't be allowed here?
    26. "Robertson had an event in Duluth in late January and 1,000 people showed up," says an aide to a Minnesota politician.
    27. International Falls, Minn., had a record low for the date of 11 degrees and Duluth, Minn., posted a record low of 14.
    28. The Duluth News-Tribune reported that the suspect had been laid off from his job at Industrial Welders & Machinists only days earlier and had become upset over jovial comments by a bar patron.
    29. Then a Veterans of Foreign Wars member in St. Paul suggested "dumping Duluth" from future VFW festivities.
    30. The nation's low Friday was 32 degrees below zero at Hibbing, Minn., and Duluth, Minn., the city's record low for the date.
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